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Is Drug Addiction A Mental Illness?

With the drug epidemic ravaging big and small towns alike, some people may wonder—is drug addiction a mental illness? The medical community has studied this question for several years. They’ve written about it and discussed it too. At an Arizona drug detox center, medical professionals use a scientific perspective when dealing with people who are struggling with drug addiction. Let’s look more closely at the science of this issue. Is Drug Addiction a Mental Illness? [...]

ADHD And Addiction

ADHD And Addiction Some mental health conditions require medication that may lead to addiction. If you get diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), your physician may prescribe Adderall to help with the condition. However, ADHD and addiction are often seen simultaneously in people using this medication. Even people who do not have ADHD may become addicted to Adderall if they begin taking a prescription that isn't theirs.  How do you know if you are [...]

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

Dealing with alcohol use disorder is frustrating, frightening, and overwhelming. It’s normal for some people who are struggling with an alcohol addiction to be upset by their behavior when drinking. They can become disappointed because of their inability to keep control over the alcohol and their actions. As a result, they declare they’re quitting alcohol cold turkey. However, these promises to quit in the morning are often followed by drinking again at nightfall. This can [...]

Finding Hope for the Alcoholic Dad

Alcoholism in the family can be a traumatizing experience for everyone. It’s especially difficult for young people to see an alcoholic dad. It’s natural for young people to look up to their parents, and if one of them is struggling with a drinking problem, then it causes a lot of difficulties in the family. If you have an alcoholic dad, then finding him help at an alcohol detox center in Scottsdale, AZ, is the best [...]

Signs Of Meth Withdrawal

Any time someone goes through withdrawal, it can be a frightening situation. Not knowing what to expect can be scary and dangerous. Even for those who know what to expect, the effects and withdrawal potential of drugs often hinders people from quitting. No matter what you have been doing, it’s important to understand all there is to know about it. Meth is one drug that approximately more than a million people have done in the [...]

How to Get Comfortable During Detox

Many people who are dealing with drug addiction may not take the step to quit because of fear. They fear what will happen once they quit. Some people may fear they’ll lose friends. But the thing that holds back most people from quitting drugs is the fear of what will happen during withdrawal. People don’t know what to expect, or they’ve heard negative stories about withdrawal that has them worried. However, if you know how [...]

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 2019

In October of 2011, National Substance Abuse Prevention Month was born. This is a time set apart to bring awareness to the importance of prevention in fighting substance abuse. It’s essential to assist people who are already struggling with substance abuse disorder as well as preventing others from ever abusing a substance. If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, then take the first step to seek treatment at a Scottsdale, Arizona, addiction detox program. [...]

What Is Polysubstance Abuse?

You wash pain pills down with a stiff drink. Maybe you use benzos to ease a cocaine crash after the high. In the process, you open the door to polydrug addiction. What is polysubstance abuse, and how can you quit it? What is Polysubstance Abuse? You use opioids. Initially, you used them for pain relief. Now, you use them for the high. However, you also like the relaxation they offer. You’ve been abusing these pills [...]

Is Kratom Addictive?

Kratom comes from a tree, which means that it’s natural. So, how bad could it be? Is kratom addictive? Your drug-related questions – answered. What is Kratom? The name actually refers to a tree with leaves that have psychoactive properties. Some people buy kratom online as a powder in capsules. Others purchase the leaves to make tea. Some also eat the leaves. At this time, it’s not an illegal substance. However, it’s causing problems. That’s [...]

How to Stop Alcohol Shakes

The shakes are among the quintessential alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Most people experience them after about six to 12 hours without a drink. Would you know how to stop alcohol shakes? Should you stop them? How to Stop Alcohol Shakes When You’re Drinking You wake up to the shakes. It’s your body’s signal that it needs more alcohol. Addiction detox center in Arizona routinely work with people who used to drink when they had the shakes. [...]

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