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What Is Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

Are you wondering, "What is post acute withdrawal syndrome?" As a drug leaves your system, you may experience intense withdrawal symptoms. While the most powerful withdrawal experience will occur within the first few days after quitting, you may have a longer withdrawal experience, which could last for weeks or months. Understanding why and how this post-acute withdrawal syndrome occurs may allow you to get the support that you need. What Is Acute Withdrawal? The acute [...]

How to Get Addiction Help

Asking for help is one of the most important steps to take when you struggle with addiction. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult. Most people don’t get the treatment they need for their substance abuse disorder. Educating yourself about how to get addiction help lets you familiarize yourself with the options so that you don’t have to fear to get clean. Addiction Help Starts With Acceptance One of the hardest parts of getting [...]

Oxycodone Vs Hydrocodone: What’s the Difference?

Oxycodone and hydrocodone are medications that doctors prescribe to manage pain. Medical professionals most often offer them to people who haven’t seen results with other pain medicines. These individuals may need more powerful treatment for intense symptoms or have long-term pain to deal with. When it comes to oxycodone vs hydrocodone, you might wonder how they differ. Oxycodone vs Hydrocodone: Similarities Oxycodone and hydrocodone are both narcotics. They act upon pain receptors in your central [...]

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Quitting heroin is hard to do with willpower alone. If you’ve been using the substance regularly, you can suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it. Understanding the heroin withdrawal timeline helps you know what to expect when you’re going through detox. How Long Is The Heroin Withdrawal Timeline? Heroin withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. They’re usually pronounced, but their intensity varies based on your history with the drug. People who [...]

Cocaine Effects on Your Body

Cocaine provides quick confidence and sociability. However, other cocaine effects are often undesirable. Millions of people use this drug in the United States each day. Few truly know the extent of the damage cocaine can do to your body and mind. What is cocaine? Cocaine is a stimulant that doctors once widely used as a local anesthetic. It classifies as a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States because it still has some medical [...]

What Are Opioids?

Many people feel confused by all the terms used when describing drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and prescription painkillers. So what are opioids? Are they the same as opiates? What does this mean when it comes to ending your drug use? What are opioids? So what are opioids, really? You hear some people calling your drug an opioid. Then you hear someone else saying opiate. Which is it? People use both the names opioid and opiate [...]

What Are Benzos?

You've probably heard of benzos. You may have also heard people refer to them as tranquilizers. But what are benzos and why do people use them? Does treatment end a benzo addiction? What are benzos? So what are benzos, really? Doctors prescribe these drugs, formerly known as benzodiazepines, for anxiety, sleep, and seizure conditions. Patients also take them for muscle tension or pre-surgical relaxation. These medications make up a category of prescription drugs in the [...]

Suboxone vs Methadone

The Suboxone vs methadone debate doesn’t have a definitive answer. Some therapists swear by these pharmacological products. Others consider them worse than the original addiction to opioids. The truth, as is usually the case, is somewhere in the middle. What are These Drugs For? The Suboxone vs methadone discussion started when therapists began prescribing the drugs for patients with chemical dependencies involving opioids. Methadone has been around longest. It works well for program participants with [...]

How to Stop Drinking Without Withdrawal Symptoms

There was a time when you could walk away after a drink or two. But your habit got out of control. Now, you need alcohol just to function, and you’re scared of the withdrawal symptoms. Here’s how to stop drinking without suffering from withdrawal. What are Withdrawal Symptoms in the First Place? Before figuring out how to stop drinking without the pain of the withdrawal symptoms, let’s find out what they are. Alcohol is a [...]

What are Schedule 2 Drugs?

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classifies drugs into various categories. On a federal level, and within the law enforcement community, the schedule is a policy tool. But the common person also benefits from knowing what the categories mean. For example, what are schedule 2 drugs, and why do you need to know? Typical Schedule 2 Drugs Cocaine and meth are both schedule 2 drugs. Additionally, they’re illegal substances. However, Adderall, an ADHD medication, oxycodone, the [...]

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