Millions of people in American drink alcohol, and many end up with a serious drinking problem. Some people may not be sure if their drinking has escalated to a “problem” or not. Sometimes it’s difficult to assess your own behavior objectively, especially if addiction is driving that behavior. If you are a person that indulges in alcohol quite a bit, then you may wonder — am I an alcoholic? It’s important to answer this question honestly so you can seek the treatment you need if the answer is yes.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, also referred to as alcohol use disorder, is the inability to manage ones drinking. In other words, an alcoholic doesn’t intend to lose control and get drunk every day (or most days) but still gets carried away. Thus, they may be forced to ask themselves — am I an alcoholic? Before they know it, they drink more than expected. The other defining characteristic of alcoholism is that in the absence of alcohol, a person will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Am I an Alcoholic?

You may know that you are drinking more than you want to but still wonder — am I an alcoholic? When you become addicted to alcohol, your body begins to rely on it. It depends on the alcohol to get you through the day to feel good. In other words, without alcohol, you will begin to feel bad. In fact, you will experience withdrawal symptoms, which are physical and mental in nature.

Another determining factor in knowing if you are an alcoholic is the amount of alcohol you are drinking and how often you are drinking. Alcoholics drink every day because, without the alcohol, they begin to feel the effects of withdrawal. In addition, they are somewhat tolerant of a high level of alcohol, so they drink a larger amount than someone who drinks occasionally.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism

If you asked, “Am I an alcoholic?” and answered, “Yes,” it’s time for treatment. At Gallus Detox, we help you through the detox process with medical intervention. You don’t have to worry about suffering through the withdrawal from alcohol because we provide medical IV detox treatment.

In addition, our state of the art, the facility is staffed with compassionate, professional clinicians who have helped countless other individuals before you. They are experienced in dealing with alcohol addiction and are ready to walk with you on this road to a happier future.

We offer a range of detox options designed for the specific needs of our clients. Some of these offerings include: 

Don’t wait until alcohol steals your best days from you. Now that you’ve answered — am I an alcoholic, you can be happy in life moving forward. Seek quality treatment by reaching out to us today at 866-426-4694. We’ll get you on the right path.