If you’re thinking about getting clean from alcohol addiction, you probably have some common questions about alcohol detox. Naturally, you want to know what to expect and how uncomfortable it will be. Learning more about an alcohol detox program in Scottsdale, Arizona can put your mind at ease. It’s a significant first step toward a healthier life.

The First Step Is Detox

One of the common questions about alcohol detox may be what detox actually is. It’s become a popular buzzword used to describe different products, programs, and services. When it comes to addiction recovery, it means the substance leaving the body.

Detox is the process of getting clean or ridding your body of alcohol. You’ll stop drinking, and all alcohol gradually flushes out of your body. You must also stop using other drugs. Trying to move into rehab while you’re still using won’t work.

Common Questions About Alcohol Detox, Plus Answers

Despite a desire to stop drinking, it often takes someone a while to get to the point where he’s ready to do something about it. If you’re prepared to make a positive change and get sober, knowing more about detox and recovery can make you feel more comfortable about the process.

Some of the most common questions about alcohol detox, as well as the answers, include:

How long does detox take? It actually doesn’t take long for your body to rid itself of addictive substances. Generally, it takes about one to two weeks for you to get clean.
Can I cold-turkey detox at home? This isn’t recommended, especially for people with long-term, severe alcohol addiction. It’s simply too dangerous to attempt to detox on your own. In a qualified facility, medical professionals can ease you through detox, making it as safe as possible.
Will detox be uncomfortable? You’ll feel anything from mild discomfort to physical pain, depending on the severity of your addiction. You may also feel anxious or nauseous. Serious withdrawal symptoms include seizures and delirium tremens (DTs).
Do I have to do anything after detox? Ideally, once your body is clean, you’ll move into a rehab program. Without treatment, the chances of relapse are quite high.

Detox in Privacy and Comfort

Gallus Detox Centers is an inpatient drug and alcohol detox center in Arizona, serving Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Ahwatukee. To keep our clients comfortable, we provide individualized addiction detox programs, making minute-by-minute adjustments as needed.

Our detox services include:

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in a detox program. And that’s exactly how our caring and friendly staff will treat you. Reach out today at 888.306.3122, and take a big step into a sober future.