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    3 Elements of Addiction Treatment

    Years of alcohol and drug abuse will take its toll on an individual’s physical health, but it will also impact their emotional and psychological well-being as well. The decision to get help for substance abuse is oftentimes made after the individual hits “rock bottom”, loses everything or is on the verge of losing it all.

      The Gruesome Effects of Crystal Meth Addiction

      It is known as Ice, Crank, Quartz and Glass, but it is all Crystal Meth. According to the organization Drug Free World, there are more than 24.7 million users worldwide and an estimated 500 tons of the drug produced each year. There is no disputing that Crystal Meth is a global problem.

        How is Detox Different from Pain Management Clinics

        If you are struggling with prescription painkiller abuse because of pain that is constant regardless of the amount of pain medication you keep taking, you may need help with the drug abuse and pain management. You may have considered going to a clinic that specializes in pain management, but want to know how is detox different from a pain management clinic?

          Detox Treatment When Going to Pain Management Clinic

          Trying to manage chronic pain can be difficult and frustrating. It is possible that your doctor prescribed an opiate painkiller such as Oxycontin, Percocet or Vicodin to control the pain; however you have been abusing the medication for some time and now you need additional help. You may be wondering: do I need detox treatment if I’m going to a pain management clinic?

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