Men's Detox Program


If you’re a man struggling with addiction in Arizona, you aren’t alone. The first step toward recovery is detoxification. Unfortunately, the process of detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be difficult. When you decide to accept help, enrolling in a medical detox program although we are not gendered specific, makes long-term sobriety achievable.

Why Guys Thrive in a Men’s Program

Most rehabilitation programs are gender specific, however, they do not discriminate against women. Overall, the program is meant to make drug and alcohol withdrawal comfortable and less stressful for male participants.

This setting allows participants to focus on treatment avoiding the possibility of romantic entanglements which can sidetrack your recovery efforts. While many individuals attend and successfully complete co-ed rehab programs, it may be helpful to eliminate the possibility of additional stress during this vulnerable time.

Therefore, it’s understandable that some men want to heal in an environment they feel comfortable in. While you may have to face romantic problems in the future, it’s best to avoid them during your first steps toward recovery. Overall, this enables men to be honest and speak freely in group therapy settings without worrying about being too apprehensive to share.

What to Expect at Gallus Detox Centers

Gallus Detox Centers are not gender specific however, you are afforded complete privacy in your single occupancy room. Our safe practices and medication based protocols are our focus during detox.

Our counseling staff will perform a male-centered counseling session and treatment methods identifying ways to prepare men for the future.

Above all, this ensures that men have access to modalities they value most to make the program more inviting.

Start Your Journey to Sobriety by Enrolling in a Medical Detox Program

Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona offers inpatient detox treatment to ease the discomfort of withdrawal. Additionally, we provide individualized, customizable programs which our caring medical staff supervises. A combination of drug detox and rehab can guide you to successful sobriety. Our programs include:

If you’re suffering from an addiction and need help, call us at 888-314-0517 to discuss how our detox program can benefit you. Rest assured that your privacy and personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Don’t let addiction control your life. Contact us today. Our professional staff will help you take the first steps on the road to lasting, fulfilling recovery.

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