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Our drug and alcohol detox centers in Arizona provide relaxing, home-like atmospheres where clients can detox in comfort. Experienced, caring staff and cutting edge medical care help clients leave encouraged with a foundation of hope to build on toward their recovery.

We strive to be one of the elite drug addiction and alcohol detox treatment centers in the country by providing world class care to our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us about the positive changes that have happened in their lives as a result of them beginning their treatment at Gallus Detox Centers. We hope these patient testimonials can serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others needing relief from drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

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Painless with a true feeling and understanding of my situation with compassion from intake to discharge. —Scott


Very cozy. At first I was freaking out about having to stay on campus for 6 days, then I realized how kicked back it was and how cool the staff here is! I especially felt very connected with Kim and Andrea. They were both very professional and respectful to me at all times. —Karen


Extremely comfortable and nurturing to my needs. Blessed to have been here.—Ivan


From the first “hello” when I finally gathered the courage to call, I knew I made the right choice. I’ve felt cared for and cared about. The staff proactively made my detox as comfortable as possible. When I started freaking out about where I was going to go after I finished detox, they worked with me to figure out my next step. I’ll be forever grateful to the entire staff! —Jody


Very good. The care was excellent, the accommodation was excellent, and the people tried to provide the most comfortable environment in a difficult time. —Blake


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Absolutely! Dr. Gallus and Shannon are truly the most caring and knowledgeable people in detox methodology and in turn have hired the same most qualified nurses and assistants to care for all of us patients! I have felt better these 5 days here than I have felt for at least 6 months! They have also counseled me and given me my schedule to continue my detox process for the next 4-6 weeks with regular check-ins to help me through the remainder of my program! Thank you again for helping me return my life around! Looking forward to having an appetite, sleeping well and having my energy back! —Carole


Absolutely! Based on the individualistic approach and not being “pigeon-holed” and being forced to fit a specific treatment system. —Ron


I would definitely recommend Gallus to anyone who is facing a difficult detox situation. The facility is clean and comfortable, the people who work here are top notch professionals, and the nurses and techs work hard to make sure the patients are as content as possible. —Syd


Yes, private rooms, excellent, knowledgeable and caring staff. —Laura


Yes. Everyone really cares & is genuine in getting you better. It’s so personalized. —Ashley


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