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If you or a loved one has experienced detox before, or if you are just starting to gather information, you will quickly learn the huge differences between detox centers. Understanding exactly what these differences are will help you better make the right decision.

It’s that important. Your best detox option is dependent on several factors including:

Your best detox option is usually depending on several factors including:

  1. Any medical conditions that may need to be monitored
  2. The amount and length of time drugs and alcohol are being used
  3. Comfort level required for your success
  4. Amount of privacy you demand and deserve

The Gallus Method was developed to ensure three essential steps of a successful detox:

  1. Your complete medical detox in a safe and comfortable environment
  2. Your privacy and dignity are always respected
  3. An individualized aftercare plan that fits your needs, not ours

See the Differences

Gallus Detox Method Other Detox Centers
Safe medical detox with up to date medication protocols Non-medical options with outdated medications and methods
Cardiac telemetry monitoring Intermittent or no medical monitoring
Video monitoring for your safety Limited or no monitoring
On staff physician visits daily Limited physician oversight or use of Nurse Practitioners
Physicians with extensive critical care and addiction experience Physicians without a critical care or addiction background
IV medications and advanced medication protocols to fit your unique circumstance Slow oral medications that can’t be adjusted for your needs or comfort, outdated and often dangerous protocols
Upscale private rooms in home-like atmosphere Always two people to a room
Communication encouraged including family, friends and business needs Restricted or no outside communication
Full access to electronics No access to electronics
Assessment and development of an individualized after care plan by a licensed substance abuse counselor Pressure to only admit to their treatment program regardless of your needs
Utmost respect, dignity and privacy at all times Significant restriction on your individual rights and liberties
We will work to give you an honest picture of your financial obligations Your financial obligations will likely change drastically after your admission

Safe, effective, and personalized; The Gallus Method

Learn More About How the Gallus Method Works
If you or your loved one are suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction or other substance abuse and need help, please call us at 888-228-9114 to discuss whether our customized medical detox treatment is the best program for you. Be assured we value your privacy. Your information is kept strictly confidential. Contact Gallus Detox Centers today and take the first step towards your recovery.

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