Can I Detox from Methadone at Home?

For those addicted to Methadone and seeking to Detox at Home, please read below.

You want to know, ‘can I detox from Methadone at home?’ because you began Methadone maintenance to help you overcome Heroin addiction or prescription painkiller abuse, but then discovered that your outpatient detox has turned into a new dependency. Now, you need to find a way to stop using Methadone.

Quitting Cold Turkey

Most doctors do not encourage trying to quit Methadone use cold turkey. Depending on the severity of use withdrawal symptoms can begin within a few hours after discontinuing use. Also, in high dose Methadone patients, the side effects of withdrawal can be very uncomfortable, even fatal for some individuals.

Tapering Off Methadone

Some people are able to quit using Methadone by following a strict tapering off schedule. Tapering allows the individual to reduce the amount of the drug over a period of time on a regular schedule. While it is possible to quit using a tapering method, it is not an easy task for everyone and those with high dose Methadone dependencies may find it very difficult if not impossible. In most cases trying to detox from home will prove to be too much and the need for a professional inpatient medical detox will be the best option.

Methadone Detox Treatment

Many individuals discover that they cannot stop using Methadone without the help of a professional detox treatment mostly because of the side effects of withdrawal and it is too tempting to return to Methadone use. While there are many different methods for quitting Methadone use, the first thing you should do is speak with your doctor to see which method is best for you.

There are many benefits to an inpatient detox treatment including around-the-clock medical care, assistance with withdrawal symptoms, counseling and of course the ability to get away from a regular routine and the stress of everyday life to focus on getting better. However, it is important to know that all inpatient detox treatments are not the same.

Traditional Hospital Detox

Although at first glance, seeking assistance from a hospital detox program may seem like a good idea, there are a couple things to consider. First of all, most hospitals place their detox patients in the mental health unit which is restrictive. In most cases, detox patients are not allowed the use of outside items or personal electronics such as cell phones; neither are they permitted outside visitors and communication is limited.

Another issue is the type of medication that is used during the process. Most hospitals rely on oral medications which take a long time to become effective. Patients are left to suffer through withdrawal symptoms until the medication is active.

The unfortunate reality is that many patients walk out of traditional hospital detox programs before the detox is complete and in most cases return to their Methadone use.

Private Medical Detox Treatment

A private inpatient medical detox treatment will offer more flexibility in accommodations, permit outside personal items – even the use of laptops – and encourage communication with friends and family. If the detox treatment uses IV therapy, there will be immediate relief from uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

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