The Truth About Addiction and Recovery: The Life Process Program for Outgrowing Destructive Habits by Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky, offers a different way of addressing addiction recovery unlike traditional 12-Step programs.

About the Book

The Truth About Addiction and Recovery does not take the “addiction is a disease” approach but rather posits that more people stop using drugs and alcohol on their own than with the help of  detox treatment, rehab or with the help of a 12-Step program.

The key to recovery is in rejecting the behavior (rather the idea that the individual is trapped in addiction behavior) and by developing life skills that will enable the substance user to stop using. It is a mind over matter approach that focuses more on self-help through goal setting.

The book is divided into three parts: Part I – From Alcoholism to Shopping Addiction: Addiction Is Not a Disease; Part II – The Life Process Program: Skills for Taking Control of Your Life; and Part III – Changing Communities, Changing Lives.

It is important to note that this book is not just for persons struggling with substance abuse issues, but a host of other problematic activities including compulsive shopping, smoking, overeating, gambling, sex and trauma. The book asserts that any behavior can be changed with the proper planning and skill.

Although The Truth About Addiction and Recovery has received praise by many it has also been strongly criticized by many in the medical and treatment community.

About the Author

Stanton Peele is an attorney, psychologist and psychotherapist. He has written several books on the topic of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as addiction treatment and recovery. Dr. Peele is argues against the addiction is a disease model.

Why You Should Read This Book

If you have tried 12-Step meetings and rehab, but are still trapped in the throes of drug and alcohol abuse, this book takes a step away from traditional views of addiction and places the power for recovery in the reader’s hands.

The Truth About Addiction and Recovery: The Life Process Program for Outgrowing Destructive Habits is available in paperback and e-book from and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

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