Ways to Celebrate New Year’s without Drinking

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Published Dec 28, 2020
ways to celebrate new year without drinking

Celebrating New Year’s Eve without drinking might feel daunting to people new to recovery. However, just because you’re sober doesn’t mean you should miss out an opportunity to celebrate the new year, especially after the challenges we’ve faced in 2020! While this holiday is usually associated with drinking champagne, there are many other ways to celebrate New Year in a healthy way.

Tips for staying alcohol free

Whether you decide to host the party or attend one, there are a few steps you can take to protect your sobriety:

  • Create an exit plan
  • Decide how long you are going to the party for and communicate this to the hosts
  • Drive there and park close by if possible
  • Call the venue ahead of time to ensure there are non-alcoholic beverages available
  • If you’re comfortable with the idea, tell friends and family that you are not drinking (we have a helpful blog on this here)
  • Remind yourself why you don’t want to drink
  • Bring non-alcoholic beverages to a party

Ways to celebrate New Year’s without drinking

There are lots of ways to celebrate New Year’s without a boozy party, here are some of our favorites:

  1. Host your own alcohol free party! By hosting your own party, you’re in complete control of your home being an alcohol-free zone. There are lots of delicious alcohol-free cocktails, why not check out our recent blog, Sober Mocktail Ideas.
  2. Have a dance party. No need to carry drinks around! Even if it’s a solo party, all you need is a playlist and dance the night away!
  3. Attend a mutual-aid meeting, like AA, NA, or non-12 step alternatives. Most recovery support meetings hold marathon meetings on holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s.
  4. Host a game night. It’s difficult to have a table full of games and drinks! Ask friends to bring their favorite games and offer alcohol-free drinks and snacks.
  5. Celebrate at a friend’s party, just don’t drink! It is possible to attend a party and not drink, especially if you prepare beforehand by taking non-alcoholic beverages and have an exit strategy. This option may be for those who feel more comfortable in their recovery. Just check in with yourself and perhaps a trusted recovery support person about your motives for going and safeguards you have in place.

A final note: there is no right or wrong way to attend a party or even celebrate New Year. In fact, if you don’t feel like it you can have an early night. After all it is just another day!

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