Top 12 Addiction Recovery Podcasts

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Published Mar 26, 2020
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Recovery is a continuous process that goes on for years after detox or treatment. An important element of that process is to keep learning: how to navigate challenges in recovery, how to manage finances, what boundaries look like and how to implement them, how to stay sober during celebrations, and how to increase the capacity to cope with life. A great learning resource — as well as a source of entertainment — is recovery podcasts. Typically they are hosted by people in recovery themselves, and they delve into lots of recovery topics. There are many recovery-related podcasts out there to choose from: some focus on a woman’s journey through recovery, others are interviews with people in recovery, some are topical and investigative, and some are focused on expanding creativity in recovery.

COVID-19 and social distancing practices present a unique challenge, especially to those in recovery: how do we occupy our time and maintain our recovery during challenging times? While Netflix and chill might work for a few hours a day, it can become tiring quickly. A great way to occupy your mind, stay upbeat, and learn is to dig into recovery podcasts.

Top 12 Recovery Podcasts

We asked around and these were the 12 most popular recovery-related podcasts:

  1. The Bubble Hour. Host Jean McCarthy explores recovery-related topics and interviews with guests in recovery. She asks the best questions! Jean is inspiring, thought-provoking, and a true gift to people in recovery.The Bubble Hour podcast poster
  2. The SHAIR Podcast. Omar Pinto has been in recovery since 2003. He founded the SHAIR podcast community to support people seeking an alcohol-free lifestyle. He has published hundreds of episodes featuring the real-life stories of people in recovery. The Shair podcast poster
  3. You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories. This podcast isn’t strictly about recovery, but it is recovery related because it focuses on stories of mental health. Host Non Wels interviews people in all walks of life about their struggles and provides a space for people to feel, look inward, and jump headfirst into vulnerability, empathy, and compassion.You, Me, Empathy podcast poster
  4. Recovery Rocks. Hosted by duo Lisa Smith and Tawny Lara, Recovery Rocks is a podcast that talks about recovery, rock ‘n’ roll, and the issues impacting people in recovery.Recovery Rocks
  5. This Naked Mind. Annie Grace, author of two books — This Naked Mind and Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life, and The Alcohol Experiment — hosts a podcast on topics related to finding and sustaining recovery.This Naked Mind podcast poster
  6. Health Professionals in Recovery. This podcast is designed for health professionals who are in recovery. Cognizant of the difficulties in openly networking as a person in recovery in the medical profession, the hosts create a safe space to discuss the reality of medical professionals struggling with substance use disorder and mental health. The show is hosted by Dr. Sean Fogler, an anesthesiologist, and Bill Kinkle, a paramedic and nurse.
  7. Seltzer Squad. Jess and Kate are women in recovery who started their podcast to create a community, and because they were sick of going to bars to watch their friends get drunk. Their mission is to provide a supportive space for those seeking and maintaining recovery.This Naked Mind Control Alcohol podcast poster
  8. The Unruffled Podcast. This weekly podcast is hosted by Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salas. They explore all topics related to creativity in recovery. Sondra and Tammi are passionate about creating and making and how those pursuits fuel recovery.The Unruffled Podcast poster
  9. SHE RECOVERS® podcast is a collection of audio posts, interviews, and talks created for women in recovery. SHE RECOVERS® believes that we are all recovering from something and their podcast explores the healing power of connection and intentional living.She Recovers podcast
  10. Soberful. Co-hosted by Veronica Valli and Chip Somers, this podcast brings a wealth of recovery experience and expertise. Having both worked in recovery for many years, Chip and Veronica bring knowledge and wisdom to their podcast and popular recovery program.soberful
  11. SoberSoul Recovery. Sober therapist and author Lynn Matti imparts her wisdom in this beautiful podcast on meaningful and modern mental wellness.sobersoul recovery
  12. Sober Curious. Ruby Warrington is the author of the popular book Sober Curious. She tackles topics including sober sex, grey area drinking, and how to party sober.Sober Curious Ruby Warrington