3 Stages of Alcoholism

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Published Sep 8, 2016
Stages of Alcoholism

There are three stages of alcoholism. Learning about them can help those struggling with alcohol addiction and their loved ones know what to expect during addiction treatment. From the onset of alcohol abuse to possible organ damage, understanding the stages may offer encouragement to seek assistance earlier rather than later.

First Stage

During the first of the three stages of alcoholism, individuals are eager to have the next drink. There is usually a concern with how and when they can consume alcohol. As they continue to abuse alcohol, they will discover an increased tolerance. As a result, they will have to consume more in order to reach the same level of intoxication. During the first stage, the body gets used to alcohol intake. While individuals may feel like they are in control, their perception is an illusion. If the individual attempts to quit their alcohol abuse, they will discover that they have difficulty functioning and coping.

Second Stage

During the second in the three stages of alcoholism, the individual may notice an increased difficulty in controlling their alcohol addiction. If the individual attempts to quit drinking or cut back during this stage, they will likely experience harsh withdrawal symptoms. In all likely scenarios, this is the reason for an increase in consumption: withdrawal symptoms begin, and the individual drinks more to stop the symptoms. Sadly, the alcoholic is a spectator in his or her own life as things begin to fall apart. The people in the alcoholic’s life will witness the events as they unfold. However, they will find that the individual is impossible to help.

Third Stage

In the third and final stage, there will be a rapid decline in an individual’s health. However, they are still more interested in having the next drink than seeking assistance and getting better. The relationships surrounding the alcoholic may have been damaged irreparably. This is especially the case with family members and close friends who reached the limit with the individual. It is likely that the individual has already lost their job or is near losing because they can’t function. They may also be facing financial ruin and legal problems as a result of their alcohol abuse.  Death is likely in this last stage as the individual may suffer organ failure and in the third stage studies show a large number of deaths contributed to accidents and suicides. The tragedy in this is that an individual does not have to die from alcoholism. If in the first stage they will get the help they need such as medical detox and rehab treatment (or some other type of alcohol counseling program), the individual can go on to live a productive and positive life. Making the decision to get the help they need is often times the most difficult.

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