Beat the Holiday Blues with a Sober Vacation

in Addiction
Published Nov 5, 2016
Beat the Holiday Blues with a Sober Vacation

For many in recovery trying to survive the holidays without relapse can be very challenging. Why not beat the holiday blues with a sober vacation? Experience the warmth of Key West, Christmas and New Year in Tuscany or a holiday cruise to an exciting destination – with people you have something in common with – recovery.

What is a Sober Vacation?

A sober vacation is … well it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a vacation that does not include drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, most people plan trips through organizations that specialize in putting together tours. For example, many go within the 50 states or abroad, and they focus on health and wellness. Additionally, many include activities and adventures to keep travelers entertained and sober.

Where Can You Go?

The question here is where can you NOT go? Are you interested in a Mediterranean cruise or perhaps a cruise through the Alaskan glaciers? Or, how about yoga on a beach in the Caribbean or in the City of Light, Paris? There are many different agencies that specialize in sober recovery vacations. However, some of our favorites include Clean Getaway Travel, Sober Vacations International, Travel Sober and Sober Cruises and have been featured in In Recovery Magazine. Clean Getaway Travel is located in Key West, Florida and is owned and operated by Loretta-Maria Adkins. Moreover, Clean Getaway Travel partners with several international organization, including Yoga on the Beach to offer sober and wellness vacations around the world! Sober Vacations International is all about sober travel. Have you always wanted to go to the famous Club Med, but didn’t want to risk relapse? No worries because you can visit Sober Club Med. Sober Club Med features meditation, meetings and entertainment set in the beautiful all-inclusive Turks and Caicos Beach Resort. Travel Sober is part of the In This Life Travel organization, specializing in safaris, cruises and custom sober excursions. Moreover, their most popular sober destination is a sober safari to Kenya, Africa which includes spectacular view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and visits to the Aberdare and Amboseli National Parks. Sober Cruises is the ultimate in 12-Step Recovery cruises. Cruises feature a convention-like itinerary that includes meetings, events, and of course stops in the Caribbean, Catalina Island, Canada and Alaska. This is a cruise that you can take your entire support network on and includes 12-Step meetings for family members.

Get Sober with Gallus Detox Center

Do you need to get sober first? Gallus Detox Center offers inpatient IV therapy medical detox treatment that can help you get sober from alcohol and drug abuse, usually within a week to ten days. For example, Gallus offers an array of addiction detox programs including:

  • 3 day alcohol detox
  • Drug detox program
  • Holistic detox program
  • Opioid detox program
  • Opiate detox program

Call today at 866-358-6446 to see how we can help you get ready for your sober vacation!