Prescott AZ Detox Centers

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Published Jan 26, 2019
vital steps to take after detox

This time, you’re going to quit for good. You’re ready to kick the addiction to the curb. Your first stop is one of the Prescott AZ detox centers. Here’s what to look for in a good-quality facility.

Look for a Residential Care Center

Glossy brochures claim that you can now detox on your own, at home. That’s not always a good idea. For actual medical detoxification, checking into one of the Prescott AZ detox centers is vital. A residential stay enables you to break the physiological addiction in about a week. Most importantly, a stay at a detox center in Prescott AZ readies you for rehab. Almost all program participants find that they’ll do better with inpatient care. This is as true for detox as it is for subsequent rehab. Similarly, living at the facility protects your health through around-the-clock monitoring.

How Treatment at Prescott AZ Detox Centers Works

Let an intake specialist handle your insurance verification. You get comfortable in your room. Next, you work with medical professionals on detailing a care protocol for you. For example, therapeutic interventions include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • IV therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Massage therapy

A typical stay lasts about a week at our Prescott AZ detox centers. During this time, you succeed in breaking a physical dependency. This means that you no longer wake up with shaking hands. Your body won’t demand a drink in the mornings when others fix their first cup of coffee. You’re now able to get sleep without the need for alcohol. Similarly, you can interact with others and not boost your confidence with stimulants. Protect this newfound sobriety by immediately transitioning to rehab where you work on the psychological aspect of substance abuse. There, addiction therapy services include group and individual talk therapy, psychotherapy, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Why DIY Detox Rarely Succeeds

You’re thinking about quitting and want to try it at home. In the cases of opioids and alcohol, doing so is downright dangerous. Above all, DIY detox rarely succeeds. For most, the pain persuades them to abandon their efforts. Therefore, it’s important to find Prescott AZ detox centers you can trust. Next, the home setting is too tempting to start using again. In contrast, getting away from everything for a week can help. Most importantly, detox at a facility provides you with the comfort and pain-free experience you need to keep going. Checking in is easy. Gallus Detox Centers are among the good-quality Prescott AZ detox centers that help people just like you. Call 888-306-3122 to schedule an intake appointment.