Detox is the Foundation of Recovery

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Published Mar 5, 2021

The first step towards recovering from a substance use problem is detoxing. Throughout the detox process the body is cleansed of whatever toxin was being, ingested. More importantly, when a person detoxes in a medical detox, their withdrawal symptoms are safely managed. The length of detoxification depends on the type of substance an individual is misusing and the frequency and intensity of their consumption. Some people may detox due to their own desire to enter recovery family members or supports intervening, or because of a serious health threat.

Determining if a Detox is Necessary

When an individual finds that they want to stop using drugs or alcohol but can’t, they have likely become dependent upon that substance. This isn’t because they aren’t trying hard enough to quit, but because their body will experience withdrawal symptoms if it does not have this substance. If substance use is causing an individual to struggle to balance their responsibilities, leading to relationship problems, or if they experience cravings when they aren’t using, it is likely that a detox is needed. The best way to determine if a detox is necessary is to speak honestly regarding substance use with a professional. They will also be able to offer any referrals to treatment centers and other resources necessary for a successful recovery.

Benefits of Detoxing

 There are a multitude of benefits associated with detox. The body cannot begin the recovery process until it is rid of the toxin it is dependent upon. For many patients, this is the first time they are seeking any treatment for their condition and it is a step towards their health goals. During this time, the potentially dangerous physical and mental effects of withdrawal can be managed properly.

Symptoms to be Expected During Detox

During a detox, some unpleasant withdrawal side effects are to be expected. Specific types or symptoms and the severity is dependent upon the type of substance the patient was using. They could include: headaches, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, nightmares, tremors, seizures, anxiety, irritability, depression and even hallucinations. These symptoms will likely set in quickly and could be life threatening. It is because of this that detoxing in a controlled, medical environment is preferable over trying to manage them alone.

Detoxing Safely

While at home detox may seem like a more convenient option, it is not the safest. In-patient detoxification done under medical supervision is primarily the safest and most effective way to detox when dealing with a substance use problem. It’s also going to be a lot more comfortable for the patient with Gallus Detox. There is no need to be suffering unnecessarily when there is treatment available that will make the detox process a lot more bearable. Ultimately, detoxing with the help of trained medical professionals will lead to the best chance of a successful recovery.

At our treatment facility we use the Gallus Method of detoxification which we believe is the safest and most effective way of going through this process. A patient who wants to receive this treatment will come and stay at our facility for as long as is necessary but averages around four days. During this time they will receive IV Therapy which will help hydrate their body and efficiently transmit medication that will get them feeling better as soon as possible. They will receive any necessary vitamins and therapies and will be supervised for 24 hours a day their entire stay. We realize that every person’s substance misuse situation is different. Thus, we make sure our treatment plans are individualized to reflect the patient’s specific needs. We also offer an Addiction Aftercare Planning Guide as a useful resource. By the time that a patient is ready to leave our facility we ensure that they have every tool they might need to enjoy a successful and lifelong recovery.

Life After Detox

While detox is the foundation for recovery and a very important step, it is only the start of the process. After detox, it will be essential for an individual to take care of their mental health. This can be done effectively through counseling. For some people, this may mean going to support group meetings to speak with others who can relate to what they’ve been through and can hold them accountable. Taking these steps after detox is crucial to avoid a potential relapse.

Detox is the foundation to recovery because it is the first step towards living without a substance dependency. The safest and most effective way to detox is in a medical treatment facility under 24/7 supervision in case of any emergencies. During a detox, a variety of unpleasant side effects caused by withdrawal are to be expected. However, these symptoms can be properly managed in a medical treatment facility. At Gallus Medical Detox Center, we use the Gallus Method of detoxification. This involves IV Therapy which is used to hydrate the body and transmit medication and vitamins swiftly so that the patient can begin feeling better as soon as possible. We aim to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible for you and that you have every necessary tool to succeed after leaving our facility. We want to help you to start living a happier and healthier life. Contact us at (866) 296-5242 today.