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Our recovery blog is a comprehensive resource for people seeking help with substance use disorders, a helpful guide for common issues people in recovery face, evidence-based information for clinicians looking to find out more about medical detox, and for families and partners wanting to support their loved one achieve long-term recovery. We cover topics ranging from the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder, medical detox, the risks of home detox, how to pick a medical detox, how to identify if your loved one has a problem, what to expect from an inpatient medical detox, relapse prevention strategies, and critical steps for successful recovery.

Key Strategies for Relapse Prevention

Substance use disorder treatment is intended to promote long-term recovery and prevent returning to use (relapse). However, that isn’t always the case. In this blog we outline the key strategies to help people maintain recovery and prevent relapse. What is Relapse Prevention? While all treatments for addiction are intended to prevent returning to use, there […]

Interview with Eric Dorsa

As part of our Pride feature in June, we interviewed the incredible Eric Dorsa: a non-binary actor, comedian, drag queen, and recovery advocate. Interview with Eric Dorsa Gallus: How do you identify? Eric: My name is Eric Dorsa I am non-binary and I am an actor, comedian, drag queen, and recovery advocate currently living in […]

The ACE Study & What it Tells Us About Addiction

Trauma is an epidemic in the United States as many Americans have faced some form of negative experience in their lifetime, often in their childhood. Trauma has a significant and long-standing impact on people’s emotional and mental well-being. Trauma is now considered to be one of the country’s major public health problems because of the […]

Guest Post: Trauma as a Wound by Dr. Jamie Marich

This week we are honored to publish a guest post by Dr. Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, REAT, RYT-500. This is an excerpt from her forthcoming Trauma and the 12 Steps: An Inclusive Guide to Recovery (North Atlantic Books, July 2020). The English word trauma comes from the Greek word meaning “wound.” That word, traumatikos, implies […]

Guest Post: Forget Forever by Laura McKowen

This week we are honored to publish a guest post by Laura McKowen. This is an excerpt from her book, We Are the Luckiest. Before Laura McKowen got sober, she had a long, successful career in public relations in the Mad Men-esque drinking culture of the advertising industry, where “liquid lunches were frequent and drinking at your desk in […]

5 Methods of Drug Abuse

In order for drugs to affect the brain they must first be put into the body. For example, there are five methods of drug abuse which allow drugs to enter the body: swallowing, smoking, snorting, through suppositories and injecting. Swallowing Ingesting or swallowing drugs is the most common method of drug use. The individual takes […]

Tapering Off Alcohol

You have decided to make a change in your alcohol use. Congratulations! It is possible that you may have heard the term “tapering off” associated with other substances, but you would like to know if tapering off alcohol is possible? If so, how is it done? Why Should You Taper? Although it is possible for […]

Agonist vs Antagonist Drugs

What are agonist vs antagonist drugs? As you search for the right detox treatment, you may come across terms that you are not familiar with. Understanding drug addiction and how different drugs work in the body is important for long-term recovery. With a high dose methadone detox program, you can begin the recovery process in a […]

Combining Suboxone with Other Drugs

Many have seen suboxone as a wonder drug that helps save the lives of opioid addicts. This drug helps in the recovery process of those addicted to opioid drugs such as the prescription pain medications, Vicodin, codeine, morphine and OxyContin. They can also be addicted to Heroin, which is an illegal drug. These drugs help […]

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