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Our recovery blog is a comprehensive resource for people seeking help with substance use disorders, a helpful guide for common issues people in recovery face, evidence-based information for clinicians looking to find out more about medical detox, and for families and partners wanting to support their loved one achieve long-term recovery. We cover topics ranging from the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder, medical detox, the risks of home detox, how to pick a medical detox, how to identify if your loved one has a problem, what to expect from an inpatient medical detox, relapse prevention strategies, and critical steps for successful recovery.

Your Guide to Relapse Prevention Plans

Once individuals have sought treatment for a substance use disorder and gone through the detox process, they are well on their path to recovery. However, this doesn’t mean that they still won’t experience triggers from time to time or risk possible relapse. For this reason, it is vital to take specific steps to prevent relapse […]

Picking a Good AA Sponsor

After going through detox for a substance use disorder, it is prudent to seek continued treatment to ensure that every step is taken to avoid relapse. For many people, this involves going to support group meetings alongside other people who have been in their shoes before and are continuing to fight to maintain their recovery. […]

What Are The Stages of Addiction?

Addiction can sneak up on people because it often occurs gradually, and they might not even be aware of it happening. There are five main stages of addiction: when an individual begins trying a substance for the first time, begins to use it regularly, begins to use it in a dangerous or risky way, becomes […]

How Can Health Related Fitness Help Me Maintain Sobriety?

Once an individual has gone through detox for a substance use disorder, they may be looking for continued treatment methods. Continuing treatment will likely include a rehabilitation program, a support group, or therapy. Besides these critical steps, there are also additional practices that they can work into their day-to-day life to help maintain their sobriety. […]

What Are Whippets?

Whippet is a street name for a type of inhalant drug. It comes in a steel container filled with nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas,” a colorless, odorless substance often utilized for dental procedures. The steel cartridges are also used in whipped cream dispensers. While these cartridges are perfectly legal, nitrous oxide can be […]

Tips To Be Motivated After The First Year of Recovery

Some people will find that they start to deal with some challenges when they get to the one-year point of recovery. Perhaps, they are losing motivation or have stopped attending regular counseling appointments or support group meetings. They may even be tempted to relapse. Staying motivated in long-term sobriety can be difficult, especially when motivation […]

How Long Does Withdrawal Last?

The first step towards recovery is going through the detox process, during which time the body goes through its natural healing process. Successful withdrawal occurs when withdrawal symptoms are managed effectively and efficiently. However, the detox process is only the first step towards recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process, and an individual must take regular […]

Using Nicotine While in Early Recovery

The dangers of using smokeless tobacco and smoking cigarettes are well known and well documented. Evidence is emerging that even vaping can be dangerous. Unfortunately, many people struggle to stop using tobacco products. Quitting is hard, and for those detoxing or in early recovery from other substances leaving nicotine behind can be a challenge. However, […]

Alleviate Pain with CBD

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is becoming increasingly popular to do its ability to treat a wide variety of health conditions and to alleviate pain. It has even been known to help with addiction by easing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Because it does not appear to be addictive and often has minimal side effects, many people are switching […]

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