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Our recovery blog is a comprehensive resource for people seeking help with substance use disorders, a helpful guide for common issues people in recovery face, evidence-based information for clinicians looking to find out more about medical detox, and for families and partners wanting to support their loved one achieve long-term recovery. We cover topics ranging from the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder, medical detox, the risks of home detox, how to pick a medical detox, how to identify if your loved one has a problem, what to expect from an inpatient medical detox, relapse prevention strategies, and critical steps for successful recovery.

Is LSD Addictive? An In-Depth Look

D-lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, is a very powerful hallucinogenic drug. It is a street drug that is sometimes given other titles such as acid, dots, mellow yellow, and windowpane. LSD is made from a type of compound known as lysergic acid, found in a fungus that grows on grains. So, is LSD addictive? Well […]

Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

Xanax is a prescription drug that is used to treat panic and anxiety disorders. In some situations, it may be prescribed to treat depression and certain fears. However, it is frequently misused, illegally sold, and used by individuals who do not have a prescription for it. It is highly addictive and an individual dependent upon […]

The Dangers of Mixing Klonopin and Alcohol

After a stressful day or a stressful event, people often like to relax and unwind by having a few drinks. Alcohol works in the brain to cause the release of endorphins, helping people feel relaxed and euphoric. It also has an anesthetic effect that helps numb the stress of the day. Klonopin, the brand name […]

Developing Dependence or Addiction to Ritalin

Ritalin, the brand name for the drug Methylphenidate, is prescribed to treat individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. When used appropriately, it can help both children and adults focus on a task at hand, remaining still and calm when necessary, and avoiding distractions. It can also be used to treat narcolepsy, a type […]

Does the Method of Drug Use Matter?

There are multiple methods of drug use, such as snorting, smoking, oral consumption, or injection via an IV needle. Each one of these methods can present potential health threats. This threat is amplified depending upon factors such as the drug of use and how much of it is used. Some methods such as snorting, smoking, […]

Do I Have a Vicodin Addiction?

Vicodin is a combination of the narcotic hydrocodone and non-narcotic pain reliever acetaminophen. It is among the opioid drug class and is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Vicodin is highly addictive and requires a prescription to be obtained. Some people become dependent upon Vicodin unintentionally after being prescribed the drug to treat pain […]

The Dangers and Morphine Use Side Effects

Morphine is a narcotic derived from opium. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This drug is highly addictive and should be taken exactly as prescribed. Morphine is commonly misused; however, even taking morphine as prescribed can lead to addiction. Misusing morphine is highly dangerous and can lead to life-threatening side effects and […]

Why Is it Dangerous to Mix Benzodiazepines and Opioids?

Benzodiazepines and opioids are two powerful drugs that are often misused. In fact, they are often used simultaneously, which increases the chance of experiencing life-threatening side effects and even death. It is highly dangerous to mix benzodiazepines and opioids because a user will experience an amplified sensation from both drugs combined. A study done in […]

What Are the Dangers of Using Codeine?

Codeine is an opioid that is used to treat moderate to severe pain or coughing. It can come as a tablet, a capsule, or in liquid form and is to be taken orally, generally every four to six hours. A prescription must be acquired to obtain it. Like all opioids, it can be habit-forming, so […]

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