Alcohol Detox Overview

Alcohol abuse detox (detoxification), the first phase of recovery, is known to be a frightening, painful, and even life-threatening process. However, at Gallus Detox Centers, we offer a safer and more comfortable alcohol detox program than what you may be imagining or actually have experienced previously. We start with an alcohol treatment plan customized for you that includes IV-therapy medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms with round-the-clock monitoring and compassionate care. The unique medical detox team at Gallus is comprised of doctors, nurses and technicians with a history of emergency room, intensive care and critical care experience to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety.

“I came here a hopeless alcoholic with a rapidly growing dependency on prescription narcotics. I left a hopeful alcoholic with better medication and a plan. They care…”- Read reviews: what our patients say about their fear of withdrawal, how comfortable they felt with our medical detox, and how it changed their lives.

Fast, Safe Alcohol Abuse Detox

We’re always asked how long it takes to detox from alcohol abuse as no one wants to be away from family, friends and work longer than necessary. A stay with us averages 3 to 7 days, but an alcohol detox can take longer depending on each patient’s physical and emotional condition. Also our alcohol treatment plan is individualized and may be adapted daily, hourly, even minute-to-minute, in response to withdrawal symptoms and the patient’s progress. Since it may have taken years for you to reach this critical time in your life, focusing on speed and a rapid detox now may not be as important to your long-term success as your comfort and safety during the initial detox process. Please contact us today and let’s talk about the needs of you or your loved one and whether Gallus Detox is the best alcohol detox choice for you.

Facts About Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse

What Is Alcoholism?

Simply put, alcoholism is a dependency on any type of alcohol including beer, wine and spirits.

What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism or alcohol dependency is a disease that includes the following four symptoms:

  1. Craving: A strong need or urge to drink.
  2. Loss of control: Not being able to stop drinking once drinking has begun.
  3. Physical dependence: Suffering withdrawal symptoms after drinking stops.
  4. Increasing Tolerance: The need to drink greater and greater amounts of alcohol to get “high.”

What Are the Dangers of Alcoholism?

Along with the physical damage caused by this disease, alcohol abuse can result in social, family and work-related problems. It impairs decision-making so alcoholics often make poor personal and business decisions. It increases the chances of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) and remains one of the most common causes of auto-related deaths each year. With more stringent DUI/DWI laws being enacted throughout the country, the consequences of driving drunk in your state may include immediately losing your license, costly fines, jail time and expensive attorney fees.

What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal?

Depending on the level of alcoholism, withdrawal symptoms can result in uncomfortable symptoms such as increased heart rate, headache, sweating, vomiting, shaking and anxiety. More extreme and dangerous withdrawal symptoms include depression, fever, hallucinations, black-outs and seizures.

What Is Alcohol Abuse Detox?

Alcohol abuse detoxification (or alcoholism detox) is a process to overcome the physical withdrawal symptoms from cessation of alcohol use with the objective of obtaining an alcohol-free state for the patient. Many detox centers advertise saunas, vitamins, yoga, meditation, exercise, group therapy and consultation to detox from alcohol. While those are worthy programs for rehab and recovery, the dangers inherent with suddenly stopping alcohol use are profound, and medical assistance and monitoring are strongly advised.

What To Do Next?

If you or your loved one are suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction or other substance abuse and need help, please call us at 855-228-9114 to discuss whether our customized Detox Treatment is the best program for you. Be assured we value your privacy and all your information is kept strictly confidential. Contact Gallus Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers today and take the first step towards rehab and recovery.

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