Dignity in Healing

dignity in healing

Addiction strips a person of their physical health and mental well-being

It also ruins their relationships, steals their financial resources, and chips away their dignity and self-esteem. A life dominated by addiction becomes stagnant and lacks lustre. Instead of thriving, people with substance use disorder are simply surviving in a world that is consumed by addiction. Every thought leads to obtaining and using drugs or alcohol. Nothing else matters.

In that state of mind, many people struggling with substance use disorders feel a tremendous amount of shame — about their behavior, their suffering, and the people impacted by their substance use. In our experience, there is also a heavy amount of fear surrounding addiction: fear of withdrawal, fear of a life without substances, fear of how one will cope, and fear about the process of detox.

We know that fear and shame can be so overwhelming that it can prevent a person from getting the life-saving treatment they deserve.

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We believe there is dignity in healing

At Gallus Medical Detox, we believe that there is dignity in healing from substance use disorders. In treating thousands of patients with substance use disorders and successfully guiding them to long-term recovery, we remove the shame, stigma, and fear from treatment. Our expert medical detox heals because it is centered on compassion, comfort, and dignity. Seeking treatment and overcoming a potentially fatal disease, is something to be celebrated, not ashamed of.

We believe that everyone deserves a fighting chance at recovery, which is why we set our patients up for success. We have the best clinical team, providing evidence-based treatments that prioritize patient comfort and deliver a superior customer experience.

Don’t just take our word for it — listen to our customers:

  • “These are some of the kindest, most compassionate staff I’ve ever met. I truly felt loved, and respected. I would recommend Gallus to anyone with a substance issue.”
  • “The staff and doctors are very compassionate and caring. It is almost difficult to leave because of their genuine support and treatment.”

Don’t let fear and shame get in the way of you overcoming addiction. Call us today to take your first step toward achieving recovery comfortably: 866-358-6446