Therapy is a foundational treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. It is necessary for people with addiction problems to realize that through detox and therapy they will get back on the right track. Mindfulness-based treatment is an evidence-based therapy available for those who struggle with substance abuse issues. By participating in an Arizona holistic detox center, you can find relief from addiction. Learn more about our mindfulness-based detox center.

What is Mindfulness-Based Treatment?

Mindfulness-based treatment is a blend of cognitive and holistic therapy. Sometimes therapists call this type of therapy mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. In fact, it builds upon the foundation and premise of cognitive therapy.

Cognitive therapy is a form of psychotherapy (talk therapy) that is rooted in helping people change their core negative, false thought patterns.

People who have substance use disorder often have faulty, negative thinking patterns. These patterns become established during a person’s younger years. Their perceptions of the world, themselves, and others are incorrect based on this negative thinking.

However, the thinking is so ingrained that they don’t always realize that it affects their everyday life. How do negative thinking patterns affect people every day? Your thinking influences your mood

and emotions, which, in turn, dictates your behavior. Therefore, these thought patterns have the potential to be quite destructive.

At a mindfulness-based detox center in Arizona, you will learn how to change the thinking and as a result, change the behavior.

How Does Mindfulness Treatment Work?

When doing mindfulness-based treatment, your therapist will help you in three primary areas:

Identify negative/false thinking patterns

Awareness is a critical component of any addiction therapy program. You must realize what the negative thoughts are before you can address them. This may involve delving into your past, your feelings, and your thoughts when something goes wrong, and so on. Your therapist will guide the session so you gain an understanding of these things. You may be surprised that you have certain held beliefs about yourself and the world.

Challenge and attack the negative thoughts

Once you recognize what false ideas are dragging you down, your therapist will help you challenge these assumptions. It may take time to rid your mind of incorrect thinking, but it will come in time.

Use mindfulness techniques to combat episodes

Lastly, the therapist will guide you in learning new relaxation techniques that will calm you down when negativity strikes. A combination of yoga therapy, massage, deep breathing, and other holistic drug detox programs are some of the ways you will learn to handle the day-to-day stressors that may arise.

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