Without medical intervention, harsh drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can become unbearable. At a high-quality detox center, compassionate professionals supervise individuals throughout the entire process. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Gallus Detox Centers offer comprehensive addiction therapy services in order to ensure that individuals begin recovery the right way.

Addiction Therapy Services That Make a Difference

group of four people talk about addiction therapy programsOvercoming debilitating withdrawal symptoms is only part of the equation. Conquering addiction involves more than ceasing drug or alcohol consumption. As one of the best detox centers in Arizona, Gallus Detox prides itself on offering a unique blend of traditional and holistic addiction therapy services.

Clients who come to our Scottsdale or Prescott detox centers will have access to the following addiction therapy services:

  • IV therapy: In order to ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, licensed professionals inject beneficial medications directly into an individual’s bloodstream. This process accelerates the healing process and minimizes client discomfort.
  • Behavioral therapy: Working with our licensed and professional addiction treatment staff, individuals uncover the reasons behind their substance abuse and make progress toward solutions. These evidence-based therapy methods provide a solid foundation for lasting recovery.
  • Massage therapy: Remaining comfortable during the detox process is of utmost importance. Professional massage therapists are effective at easing tension and anxiety that normally come up during addiction treatment.
  • Pet therapy: Animals can be incredibly helpful during the addiction recovery process. They teach valuable coping skills while also reducing anxiety.

Customized Detox Services

No two people who seek addiction treatment are alike. For this reason, Gallus Detox Centers offers individualized addiction detox services. Some of our inpatient detox program options include:

Take the First Step to Life-Long Sobriety

Don’t suffer through withdrawal symptoms alone. Reach out to Gallus Detox Center today at 888.228.9114 to learn more about our drug and alcohol detox programs in Arizona.