What is Detox?

Detox is the first step to recovery from a drug or alcohol dependency. It’s a process where you stop using the substance and wait for all traces of the substance to cycle out of your body. While it sounds simple, it can be one of the hardest obstacles a person has to overcome during their journey to recovery. Reaching out to a center that offers addiction detox services can be the only way to push through it.

Since the body is dependent on the substance, quitting causes the body to go into withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms vary in severity depending on the user, but often scare people away from seeking recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased heart rate and body temperature
  • Lightheadedness and confusion

Every substance has its own unique set of withdrawal symptoms, but these are a few common ones. While they sound scary, Gallus Detox Centers offers a variety of addiction detox services in Arizona that are specially designed to meet the needs of all people.

Do I Need To Addiction Detox Services?

Absolutely! Detox is the first step and an important process on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Without doing a detox, ending a dependency is nearly impossible.

However, attempting to detox alone is a dangerous endeavor. In fact, it’s typically unsuccessful. Without a medical professional’s supervision or the support of a detox center, you’re unequipped to manage the symptoms of withdrawal. And since some withdrawal symptoms are particularly severe, they put you at risk for severe health complications.

Luckily, detox is not a process you have to go through alone. With the help of a professional detox center, you’ll be under medical supervision and receive care to help you manage your symptoms. Whether it’s adjusting your diet, exercise, vitamins, or medication, detox centers know how to work with you to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Going to a detox center also changes your environment, which can be paramount in a successful recovery. Detox centers not only provide relaxing and safe backdrops for recovery, they also eliminate any negative influences and stressors in your life so you can focus all your energy on recovery. Additionally, the center isolates you from any exposure to drugs or alcohol, eliminating your risk for relapse.

What Types of Addiction Detox Services Are There?

Gallus Detox Centers in Arizona offers a variety of detox services to treat all types of alcohol and drug dependencies. These services provide medical detox care, which means you’ll be in the care of a medical professional during your stay.

Since every person (and every substance) is different, Gallus Detox Centers offers many specialized detox services and programs designed to fit your every need. A few of the services offered by Gallus Detox Centers include:

This is just a short list of the most common and addictive substances that require detox services. Gallus Detox Centers also offers specialized care for substances like Adderall and Xanax.

Detox at Gallus Detox Centers

In just a week, Gallus Detox Centers in Arizona can put you on the track for a healthier, happier, and more sustainable life.

While detox may sound intimidating at first, we believe it doesn’t have to be a painful or uncomfortable process. We use IV Therapy Detox Treatments that allow complete control over medications, so we can customize your treatment to be as comfortable as possible.

We also understand the need to stay in contact with friends, family, and work during recovery, so think of us as your home away from home. In our comfortable and elegant facility, you’ll also have access to electronics and Wi-Fi so your support network is never too far away.

If you’re ready to overcome substance abuse and put yourself on the path for a better life, contact us at 888-306-3122. Gallus Detox Centers is here to provide the quality treatment you need to begin your road to recovery.

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