You never plan to face addiction to prescription drugs. However, are you suffering this addiction? How do you choose the right detox center? Moreover, what can you expect from a prescription drug detox program in Scottsdale AZ?

Finding the right prescription drug detox treatment center in Scottsdale AZ largely depends on your unique addiction. Therefore, why you start abusing drugs comes into consideration. You also need to consider whether you suffer a co-occurring condition like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Your individual needs dictate the type of treatment to fit your addiction.

Finding the Right Prescription Drug Detox Program in Scottsdale AZprescription drug detox program

A prescription drug detox program in Scottsdale AZ provides inpatient detox for people with addiction to prescription medications. Specifically, this process is difficult and even dangerous. Therefore, you need quality professionals around you with the experience to guide you to sobriety.

For example, at Gallus Detox in Scottsdale, detox programs include:

IV-based medications and the comfortably upscale environment ensure personal comfort. Furthermore, these aspects of detox at Gallus Detox Center matter, helping you feel as well as possible through withdrawal. Gallus Detox Center also holds Joint Commission accreditation. This means the detox facilities, programs, services, and staff meet the high standards of the accrediting body.

What Happens During Detox Treatment

Your prescription drug addiction detox stands between you and a healthy, drug-free life. In fact, there is no recovery without this important process.

Your withdrawal is unique to you. The prescription drugs you chose to take influence how detox feels. Each type of drug, including benzos, opioids, depressants, and stimulants, provides its own withdrawal symptoms. Your physical health, mental state, biology, genetics, and age are some of the factors affecting your detox.

In a prescription drug detox program in Scottsdale AZ, medical professionals keep you healthy and safe. Moreover, they watch your vital signs, including your temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. They also ensure you eat a well-balanced diet, drink enough fluids and take advantage of services available to help you feel better. For example, one such service is massage therapy.

At the start of detox, you feel ill with symptoms much like those of the flu. When these symptoms begin depends on whether you used a short-acting drug or a long-acting one. The typical window of time for starting detox after your last dose is within a few hours.

Soon, your ill feelings increase and you suffer other symptoms typical of your particular drug. These symptoms often include anxiety, sleeplessness, nightmares, high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, aggression, chills, sweating, cramping, and headaches.

Although the worst symptoms usually end within a week, some linger. Specifically, many people suffer depression, anxiety, or other symptoms for a month or more after long-term substance abuse.

Prescription Drug Detox

When looking for a prescription drug detox treatment center in Scottsdale AZ, Gallus Detox Center meets your needs. Gallus Detox is a prescription drug, illicit drug, alcohol, and opioid detox center. Check out the other detox programs we offer.

When you want to turn your life around, contact Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona. The help you need is available. Call 888-228-9114 to begin on a path to sobriety through proven detox treatment.