Alcohol Detox is an extremely important part of the recovery process for any alcohol abuser. For many, it helps them remove years of built up chemicals that have flooded their bodies from chronic alcohol and/or drug use. Gallus Detox Centers has successfully developed a proprietary formula of medications which allows for a efficient and safe detox experience. Fortunately, Gallus Detox Centers is proud to offer a 3 day alcohol detox for those who can’t afford to be away from family, work, or other obligations for a long period of time.

Benefits of a 3 Day Alcohol Detox Program

Many substance users have a misconception regarding detox and believe that it will be a long, drawn out, and painful process. For these reasons many patients, especially those with business and family obligations push off the detox process hoping that they can either do it alone or until a time becomes more convenient within their busy schedules. Meanwhile their addiction and related problems continue to multiply. Gallus Detox is the solution to this problem.

Gallus Detox Centers have prided themselves on not only the most effective alcohol detox currently available, but also the safest through the use of IV based medication therapy. Moreover, IV administration assures the medication enters the blood stream directly. This is important as alcohol detox can be deadly when withdrawal symptoms are not addressed immediately.

Other Factors of a 3 Day Alcohol Detox

Our average length of stay is approximately 5 days for all drugs of abuse. It ususally takes alcohol 3- days, opiates 5-7 days, and benzodiazepines 7 days to treat. Patients individual situation and needs are considered when recommending a length of stay.

For some individuals a weekend is all it will take for them to get sober and clean once again. This is important for chronic users who feel like they will never fully reach sobriety again. However, Gallus Detox Centers 3 day alcohol detox will be a life changing experience.

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