It’s not uncommon for drug users to deny they have a problem. As such, they may avoid enrolling in addiction treatment programs until hitting rock bottom. Nonetheless, knowing the signs of dependency helps you determine when you or a loved one needs help.

Signs of Addiction

A group session during addiction treatment programsWhen dependent on drugs or alcohol, you may display specific signs and symptoms that range from moderate to severe. For example, you may notice changes in your appearance, including dramatic weight loss. Grooming and personal hygiene may suffer as you’re unable to perform normal, everyday activities.

Additionally, drug abuse will mentally and emotionally change you. As a result, you may find once enjoyable activities disinteresting. You may also experience relationship problems, or a desire to isolate yourself from friends and family members.

To make matters worse, using drugs affects you financially. Although you realize paying bills is necessary, you spend money on drugs regardless. You may even find yourself borrowing money from family members or accumulating debt.

When are Addiction Treatment Programs Necessary?

Often, minor drug users are able to control their problem with the right support. However, others have a more serious dependency requiring professional assistance. When drug use consumes your thought processes, addiction programs can break your habit.

Furthermore, you might require professional treatment if drug use causes severe consequences. Many patients may overdose and can’t seem to get clean despite this.

Long term drug use causes significant health risks. By continuing to use, you’re making these worse. Fortunately, quality detox services ensure you’re ready to enter addiction programs when the time comes.

Our Services

Detoxification is an important rehabilitation phase. Before entering any addiction treatment programs, choose Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona. We can offer:

With a combination of medical detox and emotional support, we’re able to help many people get clean. Our staff members work hard designing treatment plans around your individual needs. In addition, we constantly revise these to ensure their continual effectiveness.

Our Commitment to You

We take great joy in seeing you completely transform after your time with us. Of course, this only happens with the right support. Therefore, we commit ourselves to treating each individual with dignity and respect.

Thus, your privacy is our biggest concern. We take great measures to safeguard your information, and even allow you to use aliases to further ensure anonymity.

Above all, we want you to fondly remember your time with us. When you take nothing but good memories with you, the odds of successfully going through drug rehab increase.

Drug dependency doesn’t have to control your life. Get your life back by attending one of our quality detox centers. Contact our staff today at 888-228-9114.

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