Klonopin Detox Treatment: First Step to Recovery

The Importance of A Medically-Supervised Klonopin Detox

Breaking Klonopin addiction can be extremely difficult, even dangerous. That’s why choosing the right detoxification treatment is vital to a patient’s safety and the successful start of a rehab and recovery program. It should not be attempted at home! Our in-patient program includes:

  • Thorough physical, psychological and social assessments
  • A customized treatment plan with IV-based medication to safely treat withdrawal symptoms
  • Monitoring 24/7 with cardiac telemetry and video technology by nurses and technicians.
  • Attention to the patient’s overall comfort with upscale private rooms, HDTV, Wifi and personal massage.

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“This was a great detox. I had a great experience…In the past the detox clinics were either unbearable or they loaded me up so much that I was far more drugged up than before. The way Dr. Gallus handled my situation was perfect…” – Read reviews: what our patients say about their fear of withdrawal, how comfortable they felt with our medical detox, and how it changed their lives.

What Is Klonopin?

Klonopin is a prescription drug used to control certain types of seizures, relieve panic attacks or treat acute catatonic reactions (a state of motor immobility and behavioral abnormality manifested by stupor). It can be used alone or in combination with other medications. Klonopin is a fast-acting and highly-effective drug with a low toxicity level. It works by calming the brain and nerves. However, Klonopin has some serious drawbacks: It is addictive and may produce potentially hazardous side effects.

Klonopin may cause the following side effects: Drowsiness, dizziness, difficulty thinking or remembering things, muscle or joint pain, blurred vision, changes in sex drive or ability. The more severe symptoms include swelling of the face, tongue and throat, difficulty breathing, hives, rash, difficulty swallowing, suicidal thoughts.

The elderly metabolize the drug more slowly than younger individuals. In addition, they happen to be more sensitive to Klonopin. Seniors should be aware of the fact that Klonopin use may result in impaired thinking, accidental falls and drug accumulation. Pregnant women should also be extremely careful when using the drug. It can cause serious harm to an unborn baby. It can even produce breathing and feeding problems in a newborn.

The Dangers and Symptoms of Klonopin Abuse

Individuals taking Klonopin for an extended period of time, may eventually develop a dependence on the drug. It is important to know that this drug can increase and enhance the effects of alcohol. High dosage and long term use dramatically increase the risk of dependence and the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Individuals who suddenly stop taking Klonopin, may experience unpleasant withdrawal effects, such as unusual changes in behavior, hallucinations, stomach or muscle cramps, anxiety or difficulty falling asleep. Unsupervised rapid withdrawal from the drug is not recommended. If you or your loved one are suffering from Klonopin abuse and need help, please call us at 855-338-6929 to discuss whether our customized Klonopin Drug Detox Treatment is the best program for you. Be assured we value your privacy and all your information is kept strictly confidential. Contact Gallus Medical Detox Centers today and take the first step towards rehab and recovery.