If opioid abuse has taken over your life, consider enrolling in our opioid detox program. Your body and mind must go through withdrawal before you can fully commit to getting sober. A quality opioid detox program in AZ can guide you through withdrawal and help minimize your discomfort. Once you’ve successfully gotten through withdrawal, you’ll be ready to begin treatment with a clear mind.

Opioid Abuse Is On the Rise

closeup of woman with nose ring smiling after time in an opioid detox centerOpioids are a class of drugs that work by playing on opioid receptors in the brain and body to produce calming effects. Common opioids include prescription pain reliever medications like oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine, and morphine. The illicit street drug heroin also falls under this category of opioids.

When people take these drugs for a short period under a physician’s strict orders, prescription opioids can offer effective pain relief. However, their highly addictive nature can easily lead to an increase in tolerance, abuse, dependency, and full-blown addiction. For this reason, people shouldn’t take them for the long-term.

In recent years, the number of opioid abuse cases in the United States has risen dramatically. In fact, opioids are currently responsible for more accidental overdoses and deaths than any other mind-altering substance. If you abuse opioids, you’re at high risk for severe consequences and possible overdose. Sadly, your family, friends, and even acquaintances could also suffer greatly as a result of your actions.

Anyone who wishes to stop abusing opioids should consider finding a well-established opioid detox center in AZ. Supervised detox followed by quality substance abuse treatment is the safest and most successful method for overcoming this serious problem. The services that our opioid detox program offer have helped thousands of opioid abusers make a full and lasting recovery.

How an Opioid Detox Program Can Help Prepare you for Rehab

If you’re like many others, you might question the benefits of seeking help from an opioid detox center in AZ. After all, you can end the abuse if you simply make up your mind to do so, right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t how addiction works.

Opioid addiction is a serious condition that causes users to experience chronic and overpowering urges to seek and abuse opioids. The purpose of the abuse is to achieve the sedative-like effects that these substances produce. Many users eventually reach a point in their addiction where they desire to get clean. Unfortunately, the onset of withdrawal symptoms makes quitting a huge, uphill battle.

An opioid detox center can help you get sober by assisting you through the unpredictable withdrawal phase. You’re likely to experience unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms as your body filters out leftover toxins. While these symptoms aren’t typically life-threatening, they can be quite severe. Fortunately, addiction treatment specialists can be on-hand to monitor your progress and help alleviate the intensity of your symptoms.

Opioid detox centers have successfully helped kick-start the recovery journey for countless individuals just like you. Before withdrawal, your mind is likely to be “cloudy.” After withdrawal at an opioid detox center, you can begin subsequent treatment with a clear mind and healthier outlook. All in all, an opioid detox center in AZ can help prepare you for a safe and effective rehab experience.

Undergo Detox at Our Arizona Center

For help managing withdrawal, opt to undergo detox at Gallus Detox in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our opioid detox center in AZ offers the most comprehensive care available in the country. Our team of medical professionals is ready to help guide you through a comfortable withdrawal and prepare you for substance abuse treatment at another facility. By the time you complete detox at our center, you’ll feel stronger and more capable of taking on future challenges.

By choosing us over other detox centers in Arizona, you can significantly increase your chances for a full recovery. We have an impressive success rate at our facility, where so many people have begun recovering the pieces of their lives. If you’re ready to start working towards your sobriety, let us be the stepping stone to a healthier and more independent future.

Help is One Telephone Call Away

Opioid addiction can leave lasting marks on your life, but you can take steps to improve your circumstances. Gallus Detox in Scottsdale, Arizona offers precisely the kind of experienced and compassionate care that you need and deserve. Be sure to check out the other detox programs we offer.

To learn more about our detox services, call us toll-free at 888.228.9114. We’re eager to share more with you about how our detox services can save your life.