Alcohol detox is an extremely important part of the recovery process, especially if a person has been struggling with alcohol misuse for a prolonged period of time. Gallus Detox Centers has successfully developed a proprietary formula of medications which allows for an efficient and safe detox experience. We are proud to offer a 3-day alcohol detox for those who can’t afford to be away from family, work, or other obligations for a long period of time.

Benefits of a 3 Day Alcohol Detox Program

doctor goes over things on a chart with a patient in a 3 day alcohol detox programMany people have a misconception regarding detox and believe that it will be a long, drawn-out, and painful process. For these reasons many patients, especially those with business and family obligations delay the alcohol detox process hoping that they can either do it alone or until a time becomes more convenient within their busy schedules. Meanwhile, their addiction and related problems continue. Gallus Detox is the solution to this problem.

Gallus Detox Centers offers an effective and safe alcohol detox, through the use of IV based medication therapy. IV medication enters the bloodstream directly, maximizing patient comfort and reducing the risks associated with detoxification.

A Method of Convenience

Our 3-day alcohol detox program is a short but powerful detox program. Since you’re only here for 3 days, you don’t have to worry about missing school, work, or family obligations. Alcohol is also one of the substances with the shortest withdrawal times.This is especially convenient for executives and other professionals that struggle with taking any time off of work.

Our compassionate addiction treatment staff are there 24/7 to ensure that you’re taken care of. There are opportunities for various therapies to assist you as you go through the withdrawal process, such as massage therapy. This will help you with the aches and body pain that can come with physical withdrawal symptoms.

Gallus Detox Centers 3-day alcohol detox will be a life-changing experience.

Other detox programs we offer include:

Our detox centers provide a safe and comfortable environment with personalized care. Our IV therapy program offers you the fastest detox method while helping you ease withdrawal symptoms. There’s no time like now to regain your sobriety so call 888.228.9114 today.