Title: Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Location: Various locations nationwide


Gallus Medical Detox Centers (GMDC) is a successful, growing medical practice that provides in-patient, doctor-supervised medical detoxification services to patients suffering from substance use disorders, primarily drug (opiates, Benzodiazepine, Methadone) and alcohol addictions.  The company’s vision is to be the best, first step in overcoming substance use disorders for all patients needing medical detox services.  The Gallus Method encompasses evidence-based protocols, delivered by outstanding medical professionals, enabling safe, comfortable and effective detox treatment, for a best in class customer experience.


The Gallus Detox Centers are Joint Commission accredited facilities.  Our AZ Center has served thousands of patients in eight years of operation. The company is moving into a growth phase where it will be expanding its geographic footprint by opening several new facilities. We recently opened our Denver location in early 2020.


We are looking for empathetic, passionate, and genuinely nice, team members who are committed to collaboration and delivering the best possible care.  We offer competitive benefits, care specific educational reimbursement, and probably the best clinical team and customer care focused work environment you’ll ever experience.



The Registered Dietician is responsible for review of the daily menus and snacks provided by Gallus Detox to assure compliance with the federal dietary guidelines. He/she provides written recommendations for improvement in the dietary program. The RD meets at least yearly for an annual review and makes recommendations for revision of policies and procedures specifically related to our patients’ dietary needs.


Patients meeting the identified triggers on the nutritional screen will be referred to the Registered Dietician for consult. Upon receiving the referral, the Registered Dietician will provide a nutritional assessment within 48 hours. This assessment will identify on-going nutritional needs. The Registered Dietician will them formulate a nutritional plan and provide referrals and/or education to the patient. The Registered Dietician will provide a written report detailing the assessment and nutritional plan within 24 hours of the assessment taking place.



Must hold a current license as a registered dietician Must maintain professional liability insurance


Other details

The Registered Dietitian is not an employee of Gallus Detox but rather an Independent Contractor.


How to apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and qualifications, and at least two to three dates and times when you are available for telephone screening.

Applicants to email: [email protected]