Medical Director


Job title: Medical Director

Location: Various locations nationwide


Gallus Medical Detox Centers (GMDC) is a successful, growing medical practice that provides in-patient, doctor-supervised medical detoxification services to patients suffering from substance use disorders, primarily drug (opiates, Benzodiazepine, Methadone) and alcohol addictions.  The company’s vision is to be the best, first step in overcoming substance use disorders for all patients needing medical detox services.  The Gallus Method encompasses evidence-based protocols, delivered by outstanding medical professionals, enabling safe, comfortable and effective detox treatment, for a best in class customer experience.


The Gallus Detox Centers are Joint Commission accredited facilities.  Our AZ Center has served thousands of patients in eight years of operation. We recently opened our Denver location in early 2020. The company is moving into a growth phase where it will be expanding its geographic footprint by opening several new facilities.


We are looking for empathetic, passionate, and genuinely nice, team members who are committed to collaboration and delivering the best possible care.  We offer competitive benefits, care specific educational reimbursement, and probably the best clinical team and customer care focused work environment you’ll ever experience.



Administrative: The medical director participates in administrative decision making and recommends and approves policies and:

  • Meets regularly with the administrator/director of nursing and other decision makers and provides leadership needed to achieve medical care goals
  • Participates in the periodic evaluation of policies and procedures and reviews them every three years and as needed
  • Participates in surveys and interacts with outside regulatory agencies
  • Keeps medical staff informed of changes in the policies and procedures
  • Participates in disciplinary actions of the organization when appropriate


Professional services: The medical director organizes and coordinates physician services and services provided by other professionals as they relate to patient:

  • Organizes, coordinates and monitors the activities of the medical staff and ensures that the quality and appropriateness of services meets community standards
  • Develops and periodically reviews by-laws governing physician services
  • Arranges for the availability of qualified consultative staff, maintains involvement in contract negotiations with these professionals, and represents them to the administration
  • Assures coverage for medical emergencies and participates in decisions about the kind of emergency equipment and drug supplies that are to be kept available to meet patient’s needs
  • Assures that medical records systems meet the needs of patients
  • Makes summary decisions when admissions, orders, and/or transfers are considered in appropriate
  • Participates when necessary, in family meetings and similar activities to assist the facility and/or attending physician to promote optimal care


Quality Assurance: The medical director participates in the process to ensure the appropriateness and quality of medical care and medically related care

  • Participates in the monitoring of care within the facility through a quality assurance program that encourages self-evaluation, anticipates and plans for change and meets regulations
  • Maintains knowledge of state and national standards for substance abuse facility care and ensures the facility meets the minimal acceptable standards of care
  • Monitors physician performance and involves the attending physician in the setting of quality assurance standards
  • Utilizes the quality assurance program to effect changes in policies and procedures


Education: The medical director participates in the development and conduct of educational programs:

  • Promotes his or her professional development through self-directed and continuing education
  • Participates in the education and training activities of nursing staff and identifies and suggests topics for in-service training through observation and evaluation of patient care
  • Encourages special certification of staff members when appropriate


Rights of Individuals: The medical director participates in establishing policies and procedures for assuring that the rights of individuals (patients, staff members, and community members) are:

  • Uses the patients’ bill of rights as a guide to assuring patients’ rights
  • Ensures that the ethical and legal rights of incompetent patients are respected
  • Assures the right of patients to self-determination, privacy, and confidentiality
  • Establishes with the administrator and/or Director of Nursing, a system for identifying and reporting abuse and establishes criteria for identifying potential abuse among both residents and staff members
  • Identifies community resources available to resolve ethical issues
  • Assures the right of patient self-determination through the use of living wills and durable power of attorney
  • Participates, when necessary, in family meetings and similar activities to assist the facility and/or attending physician to assure respect for resident rights by facility staff and family members


Medical Director Qualifications

The substance misuse facility shall designate a medical director who has at least the following qualifications:


  • A current license as a physician in the state of Arizona
  • At least two years of experience or specialized training in the medical care of detoxification
  • At least two years of supervisory experience in a medical setting
  • Must hold a current Suboxone license
  • Must be a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine


Employment details

Full time with competitive compensation and benefits package


How to apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and qualifications, and at least two to three dates and times when you are available for telephone screening.

Applicants to email: [email protected]