Clinical Director



LCSW Clinical Director

Industry: Healthcare Services / Addiction Treatment

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Reports to: Medical Director/Clinical Director Denver

Company: Gallus Medical Detox Centers

Gallus Medical Detox Centers (GMDC) is a successful, growing medical practice that provides in-patient, doctor-supervised medical detoxification services to patients suffering from substance use disorders, primarily drug (opiates, Benzodiazepine, Methadone) and alcohol addictions. The company’s vision is to be the best, first step in overcoming substance use disorders for all patients needing medical detox services. The Gallus Method encompasses evidence-based protocols, delivered by outstanding medical professionals, enabling safe, comfortable and effective detox treatment, for a best in class customer experience.

The Gallus Detox Centers are Joint Commission accredited facilities. The AZ Center has served thousands of patients in eight years of operation. The company is moving into a growth phase where it will be expanding its geographic footprint by opening several new facilities.

We are looking for empathetic, passionate, and genuinely nice, team members who are committed to collaboration and delivering the best possible care. We offer competitive benefits, care specific educational reimbursement, and probably the best clinical team and customer care focused work environment you’ll ever experience.


LCSW Clinical Director Responsibilities

The LCSW Clinical Director position is a dual role. This team member will play a crucial role in the patient care at Gallus Medical Detox Center as well as support critical clinic operations functions. One of the distinguishing factors of Gallus Detox Facilities is the exceptional, individualized therapeutic care patients receive. It is the therapeutic care team who sets this standard and the operations team who ensures its execution.

As part of the therapeutic care team, the LCSW will provide short-term recovery-oriented therapeutic counseling to patients experiencing acute substance abuse issues. This includes a bio-psycho-social assessment, client centered Motivational Interviewing to bolster engagement in aftercare, comprehensive treatment plans, and discharge coordination and planning.

The company is looking for someone who is comfortable working with patients who are is acute and sub-acute withdrawals from drugs and alcohol and at times in emotionally distraught situations.


Specific responsibilities

  • Complete a Bi-Psych-Social Assessment within 48 hours of being admitted.
  • Consults with medical practitioners and nursing staff with emphasis on psychological diagnostics and special needs and/or recommendations and concerns of patient population.
  • Patient interventions and supervision of aftercare referrals
  • On-call for crisis intervention.
  • Discharge planning: ongoing during the detox regarding medical referrals and necessity, summarizing diagnostics and additional mental health treatments/diagnosis.
  • Documents progress as well as initiating discharge/aftercare planning, summary, and provide community resources as appropriate with a strong emphasis on arranging aftercare prior to discharge.
  • Provides and supports referrals, in collaboration with Director of Outreach, for a variety of recovery options which may include 12-step, non-12 step or other non-traditional approaches to recovery from addictions.
  • Partners with other provider agencies in the coordination of care to help patients achieve a safe, comfortable detoxification and the completion of recovery-oriented discharge plan.
  • Advocates for the needs and planning of the patient. The company is looking for someone who likes to be part of a high performing team, wants to be held accountable for significant results and likes building honest relationships so that they can hold teammates accountable in a proper and respectful manner.

In addition to these responsibilities, as part of the operations team, the Clinical Director will be responsible for facilitating behavioral health training and supervision for staff including the development of curriculum and facilitation of material. Also, minimal time consulting with the Chief Marketing and Community Relations staff to help promote smooth discharge transfers.


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker that is current and in good standing with DORA or governing body of Colorado
  • Minimum of 2 years work experience in an addiction setting and prefer experience with clients in withdrawal.
  • Have knowledge of basic crisis intervention techniques, de-escalation methods and defusing techniques to prevent violent patient behavior that is harmful to self or others
  • Have current BLS card
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Someone with a desire to be part of a detoxification team dedicated to providing patients with exceptional therapeutic care
  • Knows what it takes to be an effective team player


How to apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and qualifications, and at least two to three dates and times when you are available for telephone screening.

Applicants to email: [email protected]