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We understand you are an individual with a unique medical history and personal needs. We also understand the detoxification process can be an intimidating, humiliating and even frightening experience to overcome. For this reason, Dr. Gallus developed the Gallus Detox Method that recognizes your medical and individual needs down to the smallest detail. From your first contact with us and throughout your stay, we work as a team to ensure you achieve a successful and lasting outcome.

The Big Difference

Virtually all other detox centers use outdated protocols and oral medications within the confines of psychiatric facilities. You are deprived of the very human warmth and comfort you need to help you make this very personal journey in your life. Gallus Detox has proven it doesn’t have to be that way.

Patrick Gallus

“I became deeply concerned while observing the outdated and even dangerous methods being used routinely within most detox facilities throughout the country. I became aware of patients being treated in psychiatric facilities, protocols using outdated oral medications, doctors making claims of rapid detox when the laws of physiological half-life support no such theory, and nursing staffs that are inexperienced in this critical-care setting. I have serious concerns about the non-utilization of full cardiac and video monitoring by other facilities during this potentially dangerous process.

Dr. Gallus knew that you could and should receive detox services that emphasized your medical safety by providing outstanding professional expertise and efficiency without sacrificing any aspect of your personal dignity or comfort.

As your needs change throughout your detox, the constant monitoring and support you receive allows for an immediate change of your personal plan to provide you the ultimate in comfort, safety, security, and support you won’t find in other detox centers.

At Gallus Detox Centers we concentrate on treating every patient as a person with individual needs, emotions, substances of abuse, and outside concerns. The basis of our theory is to treat each individual patient safely, with respect and dignity, in a timely manner.  Our facility provides you a physically safe and emotionally hopeful environment to continue on to your next phase of recovery. Our treatment is based on many factors that change constantly. We pride ourselves in adapting your specific care to these changes on a moment’s notice if needed.  Claiming to operate a world-class detox facility is a bold statement. My staff and I stand by this statement and truly believe we have achieved this at Gallus Detox.” You will immediately see and feel the differences at Gallus Detox Centers:

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