Deciding to seek substance abuse treatment is a bold and courageous choice. Often, it’s the first step on the long road to recovery. To achieve sobriety, first, you’ll need to detox from drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, Gallus Detox Centers can help you through this process with a safe, effective, and comfortable recovery approach.

IV Therapy

A group discusses substance abuse treatmentIV therapy, or intravenous therapy, sets Gallus Detox Centers apart from other facilities. Above all, medications are a crucial part of successful detox. This is because they ease pain and discomfort from harrowing withdrawal symptoms. If you’re recovering under medical supervision, taking advantage of additional resources is ideal. IV therapy is just one of these.

Furthermore, IV therapy allows for minute-by-minute customization. Thus, medical staff is able to quickly change your medications as necessary. Throughout the withdrawal process, your symptoms can change rapidly. Therefore, IV therapy ensures comfort and stability throughout this difficult process.

24/7 Medical Care

Above all, the most important part of substance abuse treatment is the around-the-clock access to medical care. This is an absolute necessity, and safe recovery often isn’t possible without it. With 24/7 medical staff availability, why try detoxing by yourself?

While it might be possible to detox at home, addiction experts don’t recommend it. The withdrawal symptoms that occur during detox can be mild, however, they may quickly become severe. Therefore, it’s never wise to risk your health or recovery by going through it alone.

At Gallus Detox Centers, medical care is a priority for every patient. Day and night, medical professionals work hard to ensure patient comfort and safety throughout their inpatient detox program.

Withdrawal Without Unnecessary Pain and Discomfort

Overall, most people associate drug or alcohol withdrawal with discomfort and pain. Without medical attention, detox can absolutely be unpleasant. Fortunately, the right treatment reduces pain levels and ensures patient stability.

Your recovery won’t be better or worse if you went through withdrawal alone. However, while detox is a necessity, pain is not. Given the choice, it makes sense to choose a detoxification process that’s as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

Staying Connected During Detox

Many patients want to embrace privacy and anonymity throughout the detox process. At Gallus Detox Centers, every patient has the right to their privacy and confidentiality. However, some patients also need to stay connected to work and family members. Therefore, we offer the freedom to use WiFi, cell phones, and laptops. Fortunately, you won’t have to lose touch while regaining sobriety.

Starting Substance Abuse Treatment at Gallus Detox

Deciding that you need help is a crucial first step. Once you acknowledge substance abuse, you can officially begin substance abuse treatment with Gallus Detox Centers. You’ll have access to the following during treatment:

  • Around-the-clock medical care
  • Pharmacological support
  • 24/7 accountability
  • Comfortable and homelike environment
  • Confidentiality, respect, and privacy

If you’re ready to embrace a sober lifestyle, the Gallus Detox method can help. We offer Arizona locations in Scottsdale. Call 888-228-9114 today to conquer addiction and start fighting for recovery.

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