Ending use can be very difficult once you develop a dependence upon alcohol, prescription medication, or illicit drugs. Millions of Americans struggle with substance use disorders. Many seek treatment to regain control of their lives. While there are several different addiction recovery treatment options available, detox is usually the first step to lasting recovery. In addition, quitting on your own can be extremely dangerous. The best way to detox is through a residential treatment program in a small, private inpatient detox facility.

The Importance of Supervised Detox in Residential Treatment

The road to recovery begins with breaking free from drugs or alcohol. However, the process of removing these harmful substances from your body can produce uncomfortable side effects. Therefore, supervised withdrawal in an inpatient detox facility can make the process easier. Entering a Gallus Detox program is the first step toward successful recovery. Overall, effective detox sets the stage for follow-up addiction treatment.

What to Expect from Residential Treatment

Entering a program at a treatment facility makes a big difference. Unfortunately, quitting cold turkey without medical intervention can pose life-threatening complications. Often, people worry about the uncomfortable symptoms that occur during drug or alcohol withdrawal. Thus, detoxing in an inpatient residential setting is usually the best way to manage these symptoms in order to conquer your addiction. In a residential detox facility, supportive health care professionals work hard to ensure your comfort while showing you dignity and respect. The quality of care is far better than what you would receive at home. For example, in a residential detox program, there’s no temptation to use because the center is free from addictive substances. Overall, our goal is to make your detox as safe and painless as possible with customizable treatment. This includes: • Medical detox • IV therapy • IV detoxification. In addition, during the withdrawal process, our staff encourage you to engage in helpful activities that support your recovery.

Benefits of Inpatient Detox while in Residential Treatment

It’s important when dealing with an addiction that you surround yourself with positive, supportive influences. During our inpatient residential detox program our caring staff make your recovery their main priority. With close medical support our  staff regularly monitor your symptoms and make adjustments as necessary. Our focus is your well-being, comfort, and safety. You will also have access to the emotional support and behavioral therapy to handle any challenges that lie ahead. Furthermore, a nutritious diet is important for your recovery. It helps your body heal. A residential treatment program ensures that you eat a healthy, carefully managed diet specifically for making you feel energized and ready to tackle recovery. Not to mention, living in a residential treatment center allows you to meet other people going through the same process. This gives you the opportunity to create strong friendships for additional support during tough times.

Locating Compassionate Detox Treatment

Help for your addiction is always available. If you or a loved one needs assistance, you can choose from a number of treatment programs, including:

Don’t let addiction ruin your life. You can overcome alcohol, prescription pain medicine, or illicit drug use with the help of quality treatment. Call Gallus Detox Center today at 888-228-9114 to get started.