It’s a common misconception that a luxury detox center is all about comfort. While it’s certainly true that we value the comfort our clients receive at Gallus Detox, there’s much more. In fact, what some call a luxury, our addiction treatment specialists consider a necessity. Here’s what sets us apart from other non-luxury venues.

The Gallus Method Puts the Human Touch at the Forefront

Standard clinics provide functional care. Specifically, there are protocols in place. Everyone follows them. However, many of these protocols are generic, outdated, and lack the warmth that helps you heal psychologically. The Gallus Method recognizes that treating clients with dignity and individual care is a necessity. Moreover, you’re not a statistic that opens the door to a protocol. Instead, you’re an individual with needs, wants, and dreams. We’re here to get you back on track.

How Does Healing at Our Luxury Detox Center Work?

You will connect with an admissions advisor who’ll become your initial contact. The advisor will discuss your drug use, treatment needs, and care preferences. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, which is why our facility is highly selective in its staffing of highly experienced medical professionals. Our team customize a care protocol to meet your needs. As a result, you find critical care nurses, board-certified physicians, and specialty therapists providing your treatment.

How a Resort-Style Atmosphere Supports Healing

A private, luxury detox center does things differently than a hospital. Specifically, we believe in creating a home-like atmosphere that becomes the backdrop to cutting-edge detox services. The amenities at the facility ensure that you have a positive experience from start to finish.

Private vs. Standard Detoxification

We have already touched on all the reasons why you should consider a private drug detox for your recovery. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Healing from a physical addiction is a struggle in any circumstance. We take a personal interest in your successful recovery and are rooting for you at every step of the way. You’ll have a difficult time finding this level of care elsewhere. Find out today how our luxury detox center can make a difference. Reach Gallus Detox by dialing 888-228-9114 now.