Although many people know that detox is the first step to stopping the cycle of drug or alcohol use, they may not understand that they have a wide variety of treatments available to them. Detox isn’t just about quitting cold turkey. It can be a supportive, healthy way to balance your system so that further treatment is effective. At Gallus Detox in Scottsdale Arizona, we offer a tranquil home-like setting where you can ease into a successful recovery.

Our Method at Gallus Detox in Scottsdale Arizona

Although most people only want to go through detox once, they may struggle with relapse at times in their lives. Immersing yourself in a compassionate detox experience can boost your likelihood of success in recovery. At Gallus Detox in Scottsdale Arizona, we take every measure to provide a level of care that will help you regain your footing in life. Our high-end facility gives you the comfort of a home-like environment without the stressors and triggers of your own home. When you stay with us, you can truly get away from it all. Leave behind the social triggers, daily routines and regular patterns that may contribute to your drug use. Our programs nourish your physical, psychological and emotional health with nutritious food, treatment options, medication, and supportive psychological care. We offer a wide variety of amenities to help you feel comfortable during your stay. You will have access to Wi-Fi and your own electronic devices if you need those to help you feel connected to your friends and family while you’re with us.

The Gallus Detox Admission Process

We don’t want the admissions process to be a barrier to your healing process. That’s why we’ve made enrolling in our facility as straightforward as possible. Our admissions advisers compassionately answer all of your questions to help you to work out every detail. If you have questions about treatment options, detox plans, or insurance providers, we’ll answer them as comprehensively as possible. Our aim is to make you feel as confident as we do that you can make a full recovery no matter how dire your situation is. We’ll give you the confidentiality and respect that you deserve as we help you decide whether our detox treatment is the best fit for your needs.

Inpatient Detox At Gallus

We encourage you to tour our facility so that you can witness the intimate environment and supportive care that we offer. Our clients stay with us on an inpatient basis for many reasons. Our rooms and common areas provide all the comforts of home. We strive to make our facility warm and inviting for our clients. Our medical professionals have extensive experience working with people who struggle with addiction to various substances, including:

We understand that a one-size-fits-all detox method isn’t effective. Our team of specialists will work with you to develop a program that takes your history, present needs, and future requirements into account. Flexibility is important as you go through the rapid changes that detox brings on. We can adjust your program to suit your needs at any time. This is how we deliver effective care that will set you up with a strong foundation on which to develop your future. If you live in or near our Scottsdale, Arizona, facility, you won’t have to travel far to get the personalized care that you need. On the other hand, separating yourself from people or patterns that trigger your substance use may be beneficial for you. Our Scottsdale facility provides a picturesque way to get away from it all. If you’re not sure how to make the crucial first step toward sobriety, call Gallus Detox in Scottsdale Arizona at 888-228-9114. We can go over everything that you need to know to stop letting a substance use disorder control your life.