A detox center will give you a foundation to end your addiction and succeed at long-term sobriety. A quality holistic detox center provides treatments and other methods for your healthiest transition into recovery. But what is holistic detox and how can it help you?

Your First Steps to Recovery Through a Holistic Detox Center

Your recovery by entering detox. In fact, the detox process is a very short period of time to reverse the toll substances have taken on your body.  When you go through detox, holistic methods help you comfortably and naturally start your new way of living.

patients do yoga on gray yoga mats at a holistic detox centerDetox is your body’s own natural process. If you don’t put more drugs into your system, your body cleanses itself on its own. However, doing so without professional supervision can pose serious health risks. Many people call this type of home detox “going cold turkey.”

Going cold turkey at home sounds like a fast way to end your addiction. However, you may face serious health consequences of doing so, particularly when you use certain drugs or alcohol. You need medical supervision, guidance, care, and treatment in detox. If an emergency happens, you need people around you who know what to do.

In a licensed and accredited holistic detox center, holistic treatments round out a complete program for wellness. Moreover, Gallus Detox Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona provides holistic detox treatments. At Gallus Detox, you gain the best of both traditional medical methods and holistic help.

Holistic detox treatments include natural methods of helping you feel better. These methods include:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Personal comforts
  • Socialization with peers
  • A peaceful environment

Through holistic therapies such as IV therapy, massage therapy, and pet therapy, you’ll achieve recovery and relaxation through your holistic approach to withdrawal.

Role of Nutrition in Holistic Detox Treatments

No one should underestimate the role of nutrition and hydration in holistic detox treatments. Specifically, your body needs a healthy, well-balanced diet for the energy and strength to get through detox.

Hydration also plays a major role in your detox. Conversely, dehydration can make you feel uncomfortable and pose  medical problems. One method of proper hydration through withdrawal is the use of IV therapy.

At Gallus Detox Centers, holistic treatments include high quality nutritious food, proper hydration, and home comforts. Specifically, you’ll enjoy a private room with WiFi and HDTV. You gain the supervision and care of people who fully understand detoxification and what you need to feel better.

Gallus Detox Centers for Healthy Detox

Gallus Detox Centers provide you with the best of both holistic and medical approaches.

Our team provides you with everything you need from the start of withdrawal to its very end. In just one week, you can regain the life of sobriety that you truly want. Call Gallus Detox Centers now at 888.228.9114 to learn about our holistic detox center and begin your path to recovery.