woman sits on the phone and takes notes about the detox admissions process

The decision to begin a drug or alcohol detoxification takes a lot of strength and courage. We will do our best to make the admission intake process simple and straightforward. From the moment you call our compassionate advisers, you will understand why Gallus Detox Centers has a reputation for exemplary care. We want you to be confident that this is the right choice for you or your loved one.

Speak confidentially with an admission adviser: 888.228.9114

Speaking with your Admission Adviser

Call Now: Gallus Detox Admission Advisors can answer all of your questions about our detox and intake process, including daily doctor visits, medications, counseling and information about meals and snacks.

Insurance Verification and Finance Options: We work directly with your insurance carrier to help you understand your coverage and make sure you are fully aware of any out-of-pocket cost.

We will need:

  1. Your full name, address and date of birth
  2. Member identification and group number
  3. Toll-free number to your insurance carrier

Verifications will be completed in 30-60 minutes. All information will be explained in detail regarding your specific coverage and any out-of-pocket cost.

Financing: We do not do any in-house financing however; our clients have been successful in using Parasail. Please log onto: http://www.parasail.com/

We work closely with all major insurance carriers.

Medical Intake Information Gathering: We must gather medical information about each patient admitting to Gallus Detox. This may include any medical diagnosis, medications taken daily, substance use treatment history. This information will help us prepare our medical team in developing your individual treatment plan and allow our counseling staff to better address your concerns.

How long will you be here? The length of your stay will depend on what substances you have been taking and your medical needs.

Schedule a Tour

To see firsthand where you will be starting your recovery, tour our facility and meet our nursing staff today. Call 888.228.9114 to set up a tour and with one of our admission advisors.

Reserve your Room

Once our advisers have completed the intake process including insurance and finance options, we will reserve your room. A deposit is required to hold your room. Some patients do schedule their admission for a future date due to taking time off of work, kids’ schedule, etc.


We would like to know how you will be arriving to our facility. If you are flying in from another area, we can arrange transportation for you from the airport. We do discourage driving your own vehicle to detox. Some medications administered have sedating side effects and driving yourself home will not be allowed.

What to Bring

Identification: You must bring a photo identification card so we can verify your identity. If you wish to use an alias, we need to know this ahead of time. Also, please bring your insurance card or a photocopy if you plan on using your benefits.

Medications: Bring all of your medications and supplements in their original prescription bottles. This will help us identify your medications. All medications brought in will reside in the nursing medication office and administered by our nursing staff.

Cigarettes/Vapes: You may smoke or vape on our outside patio. Please bring enough cigarettes and vape supplies to cover your length of stay. All cigarettes and vape supplied must be in original, unopened packaging.

Cellular devices: You may use your cellular phones, iPad, tablet and/or laptop computers in our facility as long as it doesn’t interfere with your detox treatment. Please bring chargers for these devices. WIFI is available.

Any miscellaneous items: CPAP machines, walking devices, or any other medically assisted items that you use at home. You may bring your own pillow or blanket if that will make you more comfortable. Please notify your admission adviser if there are any dietary requests. You may bring any snacks related to a special diet if they are in their original, unopened packaging.