If you feel like your drug abuse is out of control, now is the time to seek help. The first step on your road to recovery is detoxification. But do you know what to look for in a good-quality Arizona detox center?

What Happens at an Arizona Detox Center?

You spend about a week at the facility. Good-quality detoxification is a residential service, which allows you to live at the center. Doing so is to your advantage because you can immerse yourself in a therapeutic environment. At the same time, it also provides addiction specialists a way to create a customized approach for drug withdrawal. As a result, you experience mostly pain-free detoxification. Moreover, the process allows for changes at any moment during your stay. Because customization of the treatment dramatically boosts your odds for success, it makes sense to go this route. That said, spend a little time locating the right Arizona detox center from among the many venues advertising right now.

Treatment Details and Amenities Make a Difference

Not every Arizona detox center offers you the same services. Some settings are clinical while others operate as small, private facilities with a home-like atmosphere. Examples of treatments and amenities to look for include:

  • High-end medical equipment and board-certified, trained addiction specialists who administer pharmacological support as needed
  • Customizable medication support that eliminates pain and protects your physical wellbeing during withdrawal
  • Minute-by-minute customization options that provide you with the best care at any stage of the detox
  • IV Therapy that ensures proper hydration if you suffer from gastrointestinal upset while shedding a drug from your body
  • Psychological and physiological support for adults who are serious about overcoming a chemical dependence
  • Consistent commitment to confidentiality that maintains your dignity and protects your privacy
  • Assistance with transition to a rehab facility to complete the psychological aspect of treatment for addiction

Against the backdrop of this continuum of care, it’s possible to overcome even a long-lasting addiction to drugs or alcohol. In the process, you may make friends with peers who are also recovering from drug abuse and addiction. After you finish treatment during the day, you can relax in a private room in the evening. At all times, you have access to caring therapists who assist you.

Why You Can’t Detox Alone at Home

If you could just quit whenever you wanted to, you probably wouldn’t be dealing with an addiction. The disease model of addiction specifies that chemical dependency includes symptoms such as the inability to stop using. Your thoughts revolve around getting the drug and using it. When you go too long without a fix, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your drug of choice, these symptoms can result in life-threatening complications. Case in point is alcohol withdrawal, which can lead to seizure activity and heart rate spikes. Immediate medical intervention is vital for maintaining your health. If you’re trying to detox home alone, you may not be able to call for help when you need it. Staff members at a quality Arizona detox center will know to look for problems. While consistently monitoring your vitals, they see small changes before they become big problems. Intervention can prevent medical emergencies from happening. If they do occur, there’s treatment available right away, which protects your safety.

Choosing the Right Arizona Detox Center

There are plenty of detox centers in Scottsdale, AZ. One stands out as offering a superior combination of comfort and medical expertise. At Gallus Detox Centers, caring therapists help you to stop using and overcome withdrawal symptoms in safety. Call 888-228-9114 today to connect with an addiction specialist.