Gallus Detox has compiled a list of trusted and respected individuals and organizations that can assist your loved one in every step of their recovery. From interventions, to drug or alcohol treatment centers, Gallus Detox can provide you with the guidance you need to help get your loved one sober as soon as possible. Learn more about our addiction resources and how Gallus can help you find a supportive network.


While detox can be extremely helpful when trying to overcome an addiction problem, sometimes extra help is required. Often times, denial and secrecy surround the person’s use of substances, which is where an intervention might be necessary. While you may feel guilty hiring an interventionist for your loved one, in some instances it can literally save their life. During this very sensitive time for you and your loved one, the interventionist will provide addiction resources and support, allowing you both to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Sober Transportation

Sober Transportation or “sober transport” is yet another service that will help assure that your loved one safely gets the help they need. Transportation is typically offered right after the intervention to take your loved one directly to a treatment center or detox. However, it can also be used to transport your loved one to a detox facility, and then on to treatment facility thereafter. Sober transport is completely up to you and will accommodate any part of the country and any destination. This service is designed to ease your mind after your loved one has left home to get help.

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NOTE: Gallus Detox is always looking to partner with reputable organizations that parallel their demand for excellent customer service and care for their patients. If you believe your facility is a good fit for our addiction resources page please email us for further information. If you have questions and need help getting your loved the help they need call Gallus Detox Centers at 888-228-9114 – We Are Ready To Help.